18 thoughts on “Bow Glee

  1. yea, ive seen several similar bow tattoos in the same place on various tattoo websites.seems to be coming a trend…

  2. There’s also a girl who has KICK on one leg and ASS on her other that was featured a few months ago.

    As for this becoming a trend…. I don’t feel two or three modBlogged examples constitute a trend. However, tattooed bows and seems in my opinion do have the potential to become very popular since they’re almost always sexually suggestive and more easily concealed than the standard “tramp stamp”.

  3. I have seen quite a few of these types of tattoos in recent years but i say if you want it get it! Trend or no trend as long as you are happy with your choice then that is all that matters in the end. However i am a little confused by anametamystik comment about them being “sexually suggestive” how are they sexually suggestive?

  4. Mignonster:

    The tattoo (and those other examples provided by Roo) imitate seamed stockings or stockings with bows… the only times I ever see anyone wearing that style are during fetish play parties, burlesque routines, fetish events, erotica gallery openings, fetish theatre productions that I have attended or been a part of (stilts on stage during a fetish skit is so fun), etc. The only place locally that I know that sells this kind of stuff is kind of like my region’s kink store. So, in a word, it’s a sexually suggestive tattoo because it is a tattoo of a fetish garment in the exact same place where that garment would be worn.

    Also, the placement is such that she would have to be wearing a miniskirt for her bows to show.

  5. anametamystik- just because the only places you personally have seen those stockings is in a fetish-type situation doesn’t make that exclusive to fetish.

    i have seen those types of stockings in normal stores, and in situations that would rarely be construed as sexual. on the other hand, many people consider ANY type of stocking to be sexually suggestive. i feel that too many things are overly sexualized.

    why is a miniskirt considered sexual? are shorts of the same length equally sexual?

  6. the kick ass tattoos were gorgeous.

    i like those bows too, ive always wanted bows, now i see lots and lotts more people having, too bad..

    oh well.

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