He’s Dotty.

I love this heavy dotwork piece on IAM: planetarydragon (autoplayer), oh and it’s by Marc of Swastika Freakshop who’s been featured many times before!

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40 thoughts on “He’s Dotty.

  1. At first glance I thought it wasnt really for me, but then I looked at it again and realized how amazing it is. Love the placement, design and colors SOSO much. Congrats for the awesome tattoo.

  2. so mazaingly beautyfull…i speccialy like the aureal proportion in his arm…but i love all the work thats been done on him…so meaningfull

  3. FUCK i’ve wanted a golden ratio tattoo for the longest time…i’d never seen someone with it before :(

  4. Love it, must be the biggest “Om ma-ni pe-me Hung” mantra I have seen. Perhaps a catagory could be created for wearers of this mantra.

  5. holy poo. if (when) i ever get a tattoo i want something like that; an absolute piece of art.

  6. can anyone point me in the direction of an american artist who is regularly doing dot-work and pointillism? europe seems to have a monopoly on these folks!

  7. wow. at first glance, the layout of the tattoo has a strange and interesting impact on the shape of his body.

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  9. omfg… absolutely breath- taking… The ratio, the flower, the placement, and the mantra… just wow! All of it is awesome….

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