Marriage Ain’t Trashy

Hoooorah! Alice and Benoit finally get hitched amidst the carnage of Trash City, Glastonbury Festival 2008.

See BMEzine interview and Constant Elevation.

20 thoughts on “Marriage Ain’t Trashy

  1. They better watch out for that tiger in the background. He’s looking hungry

  2. i don’t mean to be difficult, but…

    if you’re not “legally married”, then in what way *are* you married?

  3. I made it clear on my page it was not a legal wedding… anyway, it was fun, we got to dress up and have the ceremony and have fun, we love each other and that’s worth more than some piece of paper I think

  4. That’s sooo awesome, I proposed to my fiance while we were both suspended ! and our ceremony is comming up on August 8th. i’m so excited i cant stand it. especially seeing great pictures like this. congrats to the couple !!!!

  5. aww man i cant believe i missed this!! trash city was fucking great this year. awesome photo (:

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