INKED Magazine Casting Call

I’m not sure how many of you have picked up INKED magazine but it’s a newer Tattoo Magazine that is trying to step up the quality of print tattoo publications. I recently did a photo shoot with Ellen Stagg to go along with an article by Marisa from Needled. I just got an email asking me to let all of you know that they’re hosting an open casting call for an upcoming issue in NYC.

INKED Magazine Casting Call

If you’re interested in getting into INKED, this is your chance! They’re going to pick several women for an upcoming issue which will include a photo shoot with hair, make up and the works!

31 thoughts on “INKED Magazine Casting Call

  1. Ive seen this publication afew times and quite frankly I have found it to be really lacking. Some of the photos are nice but in the earlier issues I could count the amount of tattoos in an issue without having to take my shoes off. Customers that read some issues at the shop I worked at even asked “What does this have to do with tattooing”. I think it would be rad if more people tried as models so maybe we could see tattoos instead of just naked women in nice photographs.

    I think this mag really has alot of stuff going for it, ie. the quality of paper, the photographs (while lacking in tattoo coverage)

    I just wish I was reading an actual tattoo mag and not Maxim.

  2. European version or a European casting call? I don’t know what their circulation is but I definitely would imagine if there was enough interest, they (or another magazine) could be convinced to throw a party somewhere in Europe.

  3. Shawn: I have to agree on the low quality of tattoo work but the paper quality, the professional photographers, the style of the magazine are all leaps above the normal tattoo rags.

    I think once they get more leverage in the community, perhaps they’ll be able to source better work.

  4. i have noticed that about 90% of tattoos in any tattoo magazine are garbage.
    ya theres a cute girl on the cover but the horrible tattoos are such a turn off.

  5. Kristy: The NYC casting call is in response to the success they had at the LA casting call. From what I’ve seen, they travel and do more than just the NYC area.

    kaitlin: If more of the community had better quality tattoos, I’m sure we’d see it represented better in the media coverage.

    Marisa: Go back to writing fluff pieces.. Stop all that investigative journalism! :P

  6. The tattoos aren’t that great and some of the women are questionable but you know… this is also a good chance for people to speak up and say what they want to see in a tattoo magazine.

    I love the quality of the paper and photography of the mag. I would like some better writing and more interesting girls.

    Yeah, I am thinking “needled” quality. ;) It would be great to have a tattoo magazine that was more highbrow!

    I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one!

  7. Hmmm I have no chance of getting in inked…
    but getting some ladies, thats another story.

    Open the call for cute boys with decent tattoos…

  8. Kaitlin: 1 in 4 people have tattoos. 1 in 4 people in the world are NOT on BME, directly linked to the industry or anything more than average joe. I definitely don’t agree that the reason that tattoo magazines have a shortage of good tattoos in them is because people don’t want their great artwork to be copied.

    That being said, the average person can’t tell a good tattoo from a bad tattoo anyway, let alone someone who doesn’t have tattoos or to begin with.

  9. So it’s a polished turd.
    I dont really care about the paper quality or the quality of the photography- if it’s photography covering celebs with shitty tattoos it shows the average person who can’t tell a good tattoo from a bad tattoo that it’s ok to have the crap work on par with the idols.

  10. Shawn,

    I agree with you about the work. I was very irritated with the feature on Tila Tequlia. I mean its still buying into the status quo if you do the same old thing as mainstream rags do, but slap a heart tattoo on it and call it “alternative culture”.

    What I am saying that that I am not sure that Inked has found its footing quite yet. If people were interested in making a mag their own, I think there is still ample opportunity to sort of focus it’s direction. I didn’t like some of the advertising in the last issue too… But I think it’s still new enough to change. I’m sure they’d love a higher class of work and writing in there, then people with a higher income would be more interested in the mag, and advertisers would be willing to pay more for spots in the mag.

    I see a potential… if people are willing to try to help.

  11. Here are the options as I see them..

    I can be supportive of a new magazine that’s trying to raise the bar compared to other tattoo magazines and give them constructive criticism and support in the form of buying the magazine to show the publishers or the world at large that the community WANTS to have better coverage and help direct people to them..


    I can shun them for not having figured out the industry by their 8th issue.

    Personally, I like the direction they’re trying to move towards and I wish them all the best. Do I think they need help? Yes. Would I like to help them? Definitely. I think it’s going to take a while to bring up the standards of the entire community and that’s what a lot of us are working towards.

  12. A magazine editor can only adjust to the readers demands through feed back. Instead of whining, why not be constructive and make some positive suggestions directly to the editor. Soon you’ll notice the improvement, and feel you have made a difference. I disliked the quality of what I was seeing so I created one myself. When it became too expensive I decided to submit to my competitor to improve his or her magazine. Since then, I have been published many times and made a few covers. Improving the look of the magazine I once disliked. Our industry is plagued with complainers and not enough leaders. Lead by example and watch the world change around you. Good on you Rachel for the casting call and suggestion. The public needs an improved vision of our industry and that will only happen when good, creative people let their guard down and come out of the wood work to help improve an average situation into a legendary event.

  13. PS-I’d be tempted to help instead of complain, but the people I’ve come across as of late are apparently corporate thus not in need of my feedback, or just so self-important that they don’t pay attention to people with my lack of tattoos, since their stuff isn’t published for “my people”. Ah, discrimination for everyone!

  14. I bought a copy at the airport a while back. It wasn’t that great, but I figured they were still getting the hang of it. After seeing that this month’s cover features Tila Tequila, though, I see that they still haven’t gotten it.

    Next time I’m at the airport, I’ll probably just buy The Economist or Harper’s or something.

  15. that is a bullshit magazine who knows little to nothing about the modded community.
    plain and simple.
    it’s GARBAGE.

    eugh, since shannon left, modblog and BME as a whole has gone to shit.
    i guess that’s what happens when a woman is in charge, go fucking figure.
    leave it to a woman to fuck everything up.

    i know i’m not the only one who feels this way,
    but one of the very few who have the balls to say it.

  16. I’m not whining or complaining, Lane.
    I’m saying I think the magazine is a polished turd. If it had your pics in it, it would be a polished turd with your pics in it. If Rachel writes a column, it would be a polished turd with a column by Rachel. Hell, last I checked a friend of mine was a regular contributor, and its still…. well… i think you get the point. (if not- polished turd.)

  17. @Rachel (#15): Anybody with decent eyesight and a basic understanding of what constitutes artistic value can distinguish a good tattoo from a bad one. I know I can, and I don’t even have any myself.

  18. This magazine had so much potential but it really is crap. Whats ever worse is the casting call thing.. they try to bully girls and other people to these so called casting calls… Buyer Beware…

  19. It’s called “Inked”!!….why would anyone even look at a magazine with tattoo content called Inked… it published in a trailer park?!….

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