40 thoughts on “In A Nutshell

  1. We’ve already seen this. I’m more and more disappointed every time I check this site. I suppose I should stop.

  2. lol if i hadnt seen the title i would be thinking ‘this is his brain child?’ but that’s no brain. ohhh no sir.

  3. I absolutely adore this tattoo. I was just reading about the coco de mer which is a type of palm in the Seychelles. It has a myth surrounding it that woman was born from the coco de mer seeds since the seeds very closely resemble a woman’s hips, butt, and mons pubis. I can’t help but wonder if he knows of that myth or if the tattoo is based off of a myth that I don’t know. As a ethnobotany nerd, I totally adore this tattoo.

  4. Beautiful tattoo. I said the same thing the first time it was posted on Modblog.

  5. This is an interesting tattoo and am glad that it was put up on this site…. the first time. There are many users on this site, and i think you can find someone else to highlight besides going through a popular circle. Im not upset i would just like to see some more different people, and more interviews!

  6. Kat, how can you ever get sick of looking at that masterpiece.
    This is one of my favorite tattoos I’ve ever seen.

  7. This is such a beautiful amazing piece. I really love it. Even if I’ve seen it before. And he is a cutie.

  8. For all you people who hate redundancy you sure are posting ironically.

    In other, unrelated news.. I am so jealous. I want a tattoo from this lady soooo badly!

  9. Yay for ESBM kiddies getting modblogged!!!
    I don’t remember if I’ve seen this in colour yet, but I want to get tattooed by Heather McLean so bad! Sigh

  10. Im glad I got to see the finished piece.
    I never thought I would find it. :)

    Fucking amazing!!!

    Kat… The first time it was posted, it wasn’t finished.. So why wouldn’t it get posted again!?

  11. how weird is it to go on modblog and see someone you know? super weird.

    but awesome :D

  12. Heck yes she is! He’s actually stopping by strange world really soon and I’m getting some ink from him. Heather is super jealous because she can’t get tattooed by him what with being all preggerz and jazz haha.

  13. …still looks like the baby is farting to me,but otherwise, beautiful!
    Maybe it needs flower petals at the top too? Just my opinion,like.

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