This is how the Finnish do!

I’ve finally been able to upload some sweet photos from the BMXnet convention this past weekend. In addition to incredibly educational classes and a great mix of talented body modification artists, BMXnet also provided four performance artists. My favorite of the bunch included Modblog favorites, Lassi and Jussi of Saviours performing a custom act which included an attempt at a single point guiche suspension. This is how they cleaned up before hand!

Photos by Allen Falkner.

45 thoughts on “This is how the Finnish do!

  1. i was going to say, why the hell would anyone do this?, but they’re from finland a country which is absolutely bloody mental!
    god bless the fins and their swedish hating ways ^^,

  2. It all started a week earlier at Oslo SusCon, when Lassi wasn’t able to make it for their performance that week. Jussi had to do a one point chest suspension to appease the crowd.

    It was joked that Lassi should do a guiche suspension to make it up to Jussi the following week at BMXnet.. That’s what ended up happening!

  3. haha ow, I can kinda understand it though its cold there isn’t really anything goin on lets try to suspend ourselves with a single gouch.

  4. Oh godddddddd that looks painful!

    And every time I see Lassi I get weak in the knees. God, the things I’d let him do to me….

  5. I have to post a picture of Jussi in his bunny suit.. That boy can eat a carrot like nobody’s business!! Not to mention the things Lassi can do on stage!

  6. they are hot. but of course, since they are finns. I love Finland. and the pics are absolutely crazy :)

  7. he is very brave, he is insane and he has absolutely georgeous body…
    yumi yumi

  8. i think got promised 1000 euro also, but the persons who promised backed out but he dident, hehe

  9. somehow i cant quite understand ???? why would he try and suspend from there ????

    OH well its art

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  11. As a reply to the question why: “For fun”. And to be honest I did not realy think that it would work but it still worked as fun entertainment, or so I tell myself when I wake up screaming….

  12. Has modblog gone Homosexual? I mean, where are all the (pierced) tits? I haven’t seen any here in way too long.

  13. A: It’s always been a bit homosexual, but I think that has a lot more to do with the mindset behind mods then modblog itself. I agree though, we need more tits.

  14. thats the thing with most people …….. cant yall just accept the mods and stop having discussions about too much dick and too little titties ……….. itsw mods fro crying out loud and us girls have a bit less guts than some blokes………. well not allways !!!!!!!

    so cmon lets just accept the mods as they come in !!!!!!!!!!!

  15. whats crackin B …..that waqs awsome even though it didnt work was real funny hangen out with u guys espicaly my man juissy,,,,,,,,,,c

  16. this 2 guys remind me of a joke i heard years ago.

    what are the two closest thing to a fish’s asshole…??

    2 fins.

    until now I didnt really get the joke. Iguess apicture is worth a thousand words!

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  19. Very impressive. I’ve seen things implanted, scars burned or cut into skin, and all sorts of hanging, but not this form. Kinda made me slam my legs together even though I’m a girl. Hope you healed up ok!

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