23 thoughts on “Shouting at Sailors..

  1. hahaha!!
    The way my browser is set up, I didn’t see the bottom half of this picture – then I scrolled down.

    Interesting… very interesting.

  2. i wouldn’t mind her shouting at me while pulling my rude bits :p
    I love his hat, i think its a matter of urgency i get one too!

  3. Hot hot hot. I love the little cowering fists to the face action. How precious. Beautiful girl as well, fancy that body language.

  4. Ravin – Thanks! I’ll edit the entry, any idea who Jade is? It wasn’t all that clear..

  5. haha I too only saw the top half at first, it was like an entirely different scenario once I saw the bottom.

    I think I actually like it better without the penis pull though =/

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