Bucket O’ Blood

I was going to put one of my “trademark” songs over this tongue splitting video (no, it wouldn’t have been Slipknot, ugh), but thought I’d leave the dialogue in the hopes someone would translate it/enjoy it.

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65 thoughts on “Bucket O’ Blood

  1. I was gunna say…this looks like it took so much longer than some of the other splits I’ve seen. Tooooorture! But I’m still getting mine done someday!

  2. was the blade dull? i have never seen a split in person but they seem to be having a hard time there.
    gotta love how its in the person’s kitchen

  3. #8 Me too….

    This video just shows why this sort of procedure shouldn’t be done on a DIY or “by a friend” basis unless you really know what you’re doing.


  4. I don’t speak much French anymore, but I think they were all having a good time at this poor guys expense. That was a lot of f-ing blood, and I don’t think doing it at home, in the kitchen, is very clean….At least they didn’t do it in the bathroom

  5. I’m so glad I had my tongue split before I saw this, it definitely would have made me a lot more nervous than I already was.

    I almost feel sorry for the guy…..

    I can’t help but wonder how clean/straight the split actually turned out.

  6. great video! i love how they’re just chilling and cracking jokes (maybe?) really cool atmosphere im 100% jealous

  7. remember that one time modblog posted a video or a picture of a hack?

    oh yeah, that seems to be a daily occurance now. my bad.

  8. Daily may have been overstating, but posting DIY stuff like this is as good as condoning it. I understand that body modification as we know it today has it’s roots underground. However, there is no reason that in todays day and age, along with the available facilities, that we should ever see a washing machine (or whatever that is) in the background of a procedural video.
    The quality of the procedure is revolting enough without having to wonder how inefficiently they made a “sterile field.”

  9. Mathew – As long as there are available facilities I agree with you, and I’m not saying that folks should go out there (well, out of their bedroom and into their kitchen) and follow the lead of the people in this video. I’m pretty sure that people are sensible enough to understand that just because it’s on ModBlog doesn’t make it the right (or wrong) way to do something.

  10. It wasnt French,this is russian…
    And i think that taling with mum when you are splitting is werry bad)))
    IS that girl named Kite?

  11. Holy god.
    So much blood.

    I’m planning on stretching my tongue and eventually splitting it.

    And now I feel sick.

  12. i couldn’t explain how many things here were done wrong if i tried (well, i could, but you get the expression).

    i feel so bad for that boy. that most definitely was not the way to go about it…
    his tongue got butchered… eeek.
    i’ve never seen that much blood due to a tongue bifurcation, fuck.

    i’m getting mine done soon,
    and this has not put me off in the least because i’ve seen tongue-splittings that were done correctly and by a person that actually knew what they were doing,
    and everything went fine.

    so, don’t let it put you off, guys.

    just make you sure you go to someone who knows what they’re doin’.

  13. …I really doubt that bowl was autoclaved, and she kept wiping the scalpel on it, then using the scalpel. *shudder*

    and I don’t think it should take that many incisions to split a tongue….

  14. Please tell me that is not the ay it’s usually done because if it is, I don’t think I want it done anymore:(

    I always wondered, are they supposed to numb your tongue, or do you just feel everything?

  15. #22 i noticed that aswell.
    it hurt me to watch this video and i can watch anything happen.
    I hope it heals well for his sake.

  16. Sure, I can watch guiche suspensions just fine but after this I’m all sorts of queasy.

  17. i really wish i wasn’t eating salsa when i looked at that. i think this is the first modblog post that made me feel sick to my stomach. mouth blood gives me the willies.

  18. so..if you were wondering what are they saying..the hole conversation is about how much it stinks and the guy that holding the tung saying he cant hold it no more because hes getting sick…and the phone call its his mom asking him to come..

  19. they maybe hold his tongue in wrong places, they didnt clamp the veins, so thats why he bled a lot…

  20. I thought it was taking an awful lot of cuts too, but I think she was cauterizing the cut buy heating up the blade. And the scary thing that ran through my mind when I realized that was that she was more than likely heating the blade on the oven. I only hope they have a gas stove and she wasnt heating it on the electric element!
    This is all so unsanitary!!!

  21. judging by the video and some of the comments, it shows theres very few sensible people nowadays…

    all these videos do is frustrate me to no end and make me wish to grow my hair out, just so I can pull it all out.

  22. Am I the only one that can see him getting slowly paler as this video progresses? Boourns, man…

  23. AHHH!! it just seemed really long and having to keep going back for more cutting… ehh…gives me the chills :X

  24. Arghh oh god gee…….so good……but so gah makes me cringe and make sqeuaky noises

  25. That is brutal. How much blood do you have to lose before you pass out? (or is it a mixture of how much and how fast you are losing it?)

  26. it must be said though, this guy has some serious nads to sit through such an awful procedure

  27. omg this is the first tongue splitting video i saw, that had so much blood. scary! *shudders

  28. is it me or did that just seem like it took much longer than most? and also, it looked like she was having doubts where to cut when splitting.

    I’ve only seen 2 tongue splits before but this just seemed…. Bad.

  29. 1-ow
    2-OMG balls
    3-srsly does she seem to be randomly cutting?
    4-ummm hope he doesnt like OJ…acidic foods FTL

  30. Whats wrong with Slipknot? Their new album is going to be awesome.

    And jeebus… Were they cauterizing by holding the scalpel over a candle? Yikes…

  31. Ok, so I realize how stupid this whole thing is, but wow, ten points and then some to that guy for sitting there so nice and quitely and still while she slices and slices and slices some more through his tongue! His tongue! I practically -cry- when I bite my tongue! She cut him over and over again, and then poked at it! Whether to cauterize or to cut, either way, it’s gotta hurt!
    I bet there piercings were DIY, bridge and septum are pretty easy to do yourself, mine were done DIY. I’m not really proud of that, but there’s no denying it,

  32. She seems to spend ages doing the initial cut, over and over, AND THEN (using the same blade) heating it over a flame (judging by the black, carbon covered blade) attempting to cauterizing it repeatedly. As well as being bloody stupid, its dangerous and asking for infection.

  33. Ouch… when I split my tongue I only made one or two cuts back to the piercing and bled only a drop or two.. that just looks excessive.. and holy cross contamination.
    Are those clamps clicked? I can’t tell… if they are.. ouch.

  34. The tounge splits I see done are always done super fast. They go straight through.
    That must of been hell.

  35. Tbh I Dont Think Its Alot Of Blood More Like Alot Of Spit…Its Kind Of Too Thick To Be Blood Unless He’s Having A Blood Clot!

    And Even There Is A Chance Of Infection The Bacteria In Your Mouth Is There Soley There To Stop Infection, So So Long As Bucket O’ Blood Did Do Anything Stupid He Should Have Been Fine!

    Anyway, Super Hott Video! Loved It!

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