Zips and Ribbons

The following set of photos (clickthrough for a shot of Zippy Jaclyn) are the handiwork of Quinn Patrick, The Fall Tattooing, Vancouver, BC.

Photos by our very own Syx Langman.

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37 thoughts on “Zips and Ribbons

  1. SKYLAR!! do you seriously still exsist?
    i had thought you must’ve been eaten by a bear!

  2. Holy fuck I am drunk right now and omg them underwaer is hot lol. Ah

    Fuck I forot waht I was oin g to sat next iwill refret this in the mirning.


  3. london – when you’ve stopped playing with yourself would you like to appreciate the art???

    what a georgeous corset piercing….

  4. Lovely pics, but I had a heart attack when I saw the first comment! I love it when people have the same name as me. :) Very pretty and I love corset piercings.

  5. Ooh, awesome. =3 Looks like you gals have been having fun. AND I HAVEN’T SEEN EITHER OF YOU IN AGES!

  6. And the reason I submitted Taryn’s corset is because it was done in 16ga play piercing needles and thats not common. I thought it was pretty hard-core,

  7. ……no, my point is that corsets are becoming the new kanji or butterfly…..they just all look the same (yes, obviously I’ve seen a few impressive corsets, just like I’ve seen a few impressive kanji tattoos)….

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  9. i have most of my body tattooed, yet I still find all of this stuff to be really irksome whenever I see it on a girl. pass.

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