Chip-Chip Hooray!

I kept wanting to write CRISP, argh! I’m sure I don’t need to spell out the meaning of this tattoo though, right?

Still unsure? Don’t get a bee in your bonnet just hover your cursor over the image and all will become clear.

By Randy Keener, Peacocks Tattoo, Jacksonville, FL.

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16 thoughts on “Chip-Chip Hooray!

  1. Don’t fuss ’bout the language Roo. As a yank on the other side of the pond for about 8 years, at one point I was calling all potato based food chips.

    The tattoo is great.

  2. Give us a little credit, the entry title tells us its a chip, and it is on his shoulder. I would hope the majority on bme could grasp the obvious!

  3. I have a sheep on my shoulder. Add a bit of alcohol and that’s pretty much the same.

  4. It’s a crisp, dammit!
    Hmm, now all we need is a brit with an actual chip tattoo on their shoulder (“He has a french frie on his shoulder?? I don’t get it!”) You say potato, I say… SPUD!

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