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  1. I had a dream last night that I stretched my lobes like play dough…but on topic, think it’d be lovely to be able to make you own jewllery this way.

  2. i don’t think they are. i mean… the one flare is like DARK while the rest isnt’. just like regular glass plugs. they really don’t look like they were.

  3. I have a feeling that Roo knows better than you do on this subject, he found the picture.
    I’m sure the material isn’t any more unsafe than acrylic, or if it is, it’s not by much.

  4. Handmade toothbrush plugs, interesting. Not sure that’s healthy to wear long-term though, eh.

  5. B – The dark part probably came from the melting of the pieces to make them smooth. I’ve melted quite a lot of things in my day… Part of it always turns darker or black.

  6. If your saying the flare in the photo with them being worn is darker, then wouldn’t that be because the light isn’t shining through them. In the other photos you can see they are transparent. When they are in the light can’t get to them so they look darker.
    More on topic. I love them, the colour is great. and the fact they are made of a toothbrush just makes them more awesome.

  7. O-rings or melted, doesn’t matter. Nice ingenuity there! Way better than just stuffing stupid things through your ears like pen caps or straws. :) Rad color too.

  8. Its easy to shape plastic if you heat it in boiling salt water. If you cut or use abrasive (sand paper or something) the plastic won’t be smooth enough.

  9. this is awesomely ingenuitive. if BME ever comes out with a “most creative of the year” award for body jewelry, i nominate this. rock… the fuck… on…

  10. im the men of this recicled toothcleaner transformed on plugs
    ,,, this are acrilic and i love that
    thanks 4 da komentsssss

  11. … the dark part are o-rings… they are single flares guys lol, go to the custom jewelry page and theres a bigger shot of it all.

    Those are cool single flares though, i kinda wanna give it a shot myself. Ive made several pairs of double flares from mammoth ivory, and soapstone… so why not try acrylic haha!

  12. I love this! I’ve made a lot of plugs and tunnels this way for myself too. It’s not hard at all: Just cut a length of material using a haksaw. Then sand it down using finer and finer gritt-paper. Heat the ends (i used a gass torch) to make flares and to create a smooth finish. I used drinking strawes (non-throw-aways) 6-8 mm. pens 9-11 mm, Children’s markers 8 – 14 mm, make-up packaging (HEMA) 16mm. Never had any problems with any of them. Just don’t wear them while healing and listen to your body carefully.

  13. 21>>
    Huh? You could use higher grade sandpaper to smooth it. Sandpaper goes up to suuuuuuuper fine grits, some even feel just like paper to the touch, but when used, will leave it shiny, smooth and polished.

    This is such na excellent idea. I need to figure out how to carve stone so I can make the weights I’ve been meaning to out of a big huge hunk of blood jade I have.

  14. ugh, household objects are NOT meant to be worn as jewelry…body jewelry is made of the materials its made of for a reason, its safe to implant in the body.

  15. I started stretching over a decade ago and had to make all my tapers and jewellery from household objects, despite everyone crying over how you mustn’t stretch with acrylic (NB /stretching/ does not break the skin, therefore no ‘healing period’ is required, so stretching with acrylic, wood, and horn is all fine. If you /tear/ the skin, then you’d better stick to 316l steel, but you’re also stretching too fast and deserve your problems.)

    #35 Body jewellery is not necesserally ‘safe’. It’s just made from materials deemed least likely to irritate the human body. I happen to be allergic to steel and titanium, so I’m probably better off sticking to carefully selected ‘household objects’.

    #21 Acylic polishes to a glass finish using Brasso metal polish. No need to heat it at all.

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