19 thoughts on “He’s Got Wood!

  1. finally! someone with huge earlobes that *don’t* look heavily abused. that’s really nice to see :)

  2. It’s nice to see someone with a whole bunch of stretched piercings who isn’t just wearing some hideous bright white teflon plugs in them. That jewelry is beautiful and it enhances the modifications.

  3. Wood jewelry is amazing! It absorbs stinks and moistness. I love taking my earrings out and shoving them under people’s noses, only for their look of apprehension to change to disbelief when the tinge of ear cheese doesn’t burn their nostrils.

  4. ahh i hate thinking my ears are a reletively respectable size until you see someone like this and it’s just like woah man
    those plugs are well nice as well

  5. I love how his most mod blends in so nicely with the rest of his face, looks like it has aleays been there! Nicely done!

  6. really handsome fella, and the lovely wood jewellery enhances that.

    i agree with je_dors; i hate seeing huge stretches that would look lovely with this kind of jewellery being filled with white acrylic, teflon and raver colours – it’s just to much to look at.

  7. I saw this in the gallery the other day, and thought he had a very well rounded aesthetic. Im happy this was featured. #9 I agree his neck does look awesome, NPC have you posted any pictures of your neck outside of your iam? Id really love to see some.

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