28 thoughts on “Evolução Humana

  1. Sean- Agreed 🙂

    I’m especially digging his stretched medusa. That’s a new one for me!

    And his scar on his left arm looks sick!

  2. So I wonder if modblog is all about posting some pictures and then having these kind of replies with “ooh sexy”, “so cute!”

  3. It seems like everyone from Brazil has stretched labrets, nostrils, lobes and they very often have forehead horns. I’ll be shocked when I go there one day and see that not everyone looks like that.

  4. I’m sure I’ve seen the devil tattoo on some girl’s noonoo, has anyone else?

    It’s gonna bug me until I find out if I’m right!

  5. te falo em evolução.. mas falta aparecer umas garotas brasileiras aqui..

    talking about evolution.. but I’d like to see some brazilian girls here..

  6. First.. He’s freaking Awesome.

    I love his look.


    That bmezine tag makes for one freaking awesome zipup.

    I freaking want one.

  7. #6….it’s better than people posting nasty pointless comments about various body parts being ugly/body hair, whatever.

    He has interesting mods which make it a worthwhile contribution without being a pure fap fest…..buuut I’m gonna have to agree that he is ridiculously attractive 😉

  8. Those tattoos don’t make up for the fact that you spent most of your childhood getting your ass kicked by the closeted jocks in your school.

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