Señor Bigote

The owner of this tattoo by Adolf, Poison Heart Tattoo, Warsaw, Poland asks “Recognise this painter?

Read more if you’ve been living on Mars since 1904 and can’t put a name to the face..

Salvador Dalí! (On the right and featured previously)

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26 thoughts on “Señor Bigote

  1. Dali!!!!

    ahh thats soo awesome. I once had a really fucked up dream about one of his paintings. The one with the elephants with the really long legs, they were alive and HUGE.

  2. I have a friend with a similar tattoo, but more stencil looking, I love these Dali tattoos. I’ve always wondered if that moustache hindered his vision at all.

  3. im not usually a fan of “portrait” style tattoos, but the likeness of this one is phenomenal!

  4. Hey wow, that’s not rude at all. Perhaps this is exactly how the artist and/or clien wanted it to look? It’s called artistic license, it’s called style.
    Don’t knock people’s art like that, it’s really kind of mean.

  5. I actually really enjoy this piece. The white highlights in the stache are very well placed in respect to the rest of the grey-shading of the piece.

    And the thick black border gives it a bit of intrigue as well. As if someone pulled down a square flap of skin and hello Dali in your body!

  6. I KNEW it was Dali!! I’m actually hoping to get one of the giraffes I saw in a painting of his tattooed on the side of my thigh :)

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