Gaming Tattoos

Mario/SXE tattoo by Bez, Triplesix Studios, Sunderland, England.

I received an email earlier today from Jen (IAM: square).

She’s putting together a feature on gaming tattoos and is looking for contributors. Drop her a line if you’re interested!


We at AOL/ have previously done gaming tattoo related features and people loved them so much we’d love to be able to do it again. If you happen to have a gaming related tattoo and want to really show it off in one of our features, send it over to me at [email protected]. Please feel free to send it over at any time with a little blurb about why you got what you did, and also artist information so we can give credit to both of you. Thank you to everyone for submissions!

IAM: square

IAM: Malice.

21 thoughts on “Gaming Tattoos

  1. Well I’m pleased to say I’m a big part of the “gaming tattoo” network haha, go me!
    Lovely tattoo by the by. I have little Mario shrooms all over me ;] Hehehehehe.

  2. Wow! I love, love, love that first one. I’m not even entirely sure what’s going on there, but the style is amazing. Such awesome work!

  3. The first one is depicting what happens when the happy innocent 1up and shroom gets into the booze, they turn into the poison mushroom. luv the style btw also. 2nd pic is well.. a man can always dream of meeting a fellow attractive, modified, gamer girl… hehe

  4. I need to upload pictures my 16bit 1up and poison mushroom, but I’ve got poison ivy right over top of them both.

  5. Hey Sculla, I hate to break it to you but there are quite a few of us out there haha. You just have to look harder! Like, on Xbox live for instance!

  6. The sad thing is, I tried to figure out which console she was playing, before I noticed her nice ink :-)

  7. Does anybody have a link about the “previous” article about gamers tattoo she is talking about.

    i am searching the whole site there but cant find anything.

    i mean offcourse AOL/

  8. i have a mario star and the psx buttons on my body there are pictures floating on the net

  9. Ok to start off, very good looking girl, good tattoos, nice plugs, and I would totally fall in love with this chick if I saw her irl.

    THAT ASIDE. Every time I see pics like this, I just kinda feel like the girl is only hot because she is nerding out. Take a decent looking chick and take a pic of her half naked and you could make something out of it. Take a pic of decent chick, half naked, with some sorta gaming prop added and all of the sudden you got fan boys coming out of the wood work to say she puts Ivy to shame (just put Soul Caliber IV down ^_^) Kinda lame and exploiting boobs and lonely gamers… NERF!!!111

  10. Woo go Lindsay!
    IAM: Malice ,,, If i recall, she has a whole lot more ‘gamer’ pics on her page.

    Haven’t seen you around in a WHILE, … BUT I do remember when you originally posted these :) Lookin’ good, of course! ;)

  11. I am proudly a more Nintendo girl myself, however, it was the only console that my photographer had at the time.

    And, boy, I completely missed this post until now!

    (Yes, Courtney, there are some more (clothed even) pics on my page <3)

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