My Milk Shake Brings All The Boys To The Yard!

Joy Rumore – Owner of Twelve 28 Tattoo, Brooklyn, and featured many times in the past for her tattooing skillz.

Photo by Bill Downey (edited for ModBlog).

35 thoughts on “My Milk Shake Brings All The Boys To The Yard!

  1. is that a piercing on her bottom lip?
    or a beauty mark?

    i cant help but notice all the bumps on her skin
    or what?

    either ways shes gorgeous

  2. Looks a little like Lily Allen? And thats not a bad thing.

    Hooray for girlies with boobies! (its nice to know Im not the only one who likes to gather mine up when bra-less) !

  3. My pokemon brings all the boys the yard
    And they’re like: “Wanna trade cards”
    And I’m like: “Yeah I wanna trade cards,”
    “I can beat you, ‘coz I got Charizard.”

  4. Hey. I saw her on some LAME LAME LAME documentary on MSNBC over the weekend.
    It starred a lot of really great people from the body mod community, but the overall tone was a horrible one
    and they had this ANNOYING psychiatrist, Armando R. Favazza who wrote “Bodies under Siege: Self-mutilation and Body Modification in Culture and Psychiatry” kept making all these lame diagnosis.

    but anyways, this artist was shown tattooing this Jewish girl’s arm.
    at least, i think it was her. pretty sure. i recognize the arm tattoo.

    but seriously, that documentary made me mad.
    it’s airing again on august 10th.

  5. Dunebug – That’ll be the drugs she slipped into the milk you ordered from her online.

  6. okay, people settle down.
    it’s a vertical lip piercing, not a birthmark.
    the marks on my shoulders are brands.
    the marks on my chest are suspension scars.
    there’s one random scar on my chest that’s from chicken pox when i was little.

    anything else???

  7. #21, any guess on how the girl manages to pull off that expression in a perfectly convincing way?

    Now, really beautiful anyway.
    Try to impose yourself as a role model for all 0-14yo little girls in town, just to make sure they won’t grow up totally lame.

  8. #26. would that be the “shit i hope i don’t look like i’m trying to keep my nipples from showing” look?
    AND if you saw the street i work on, you would know that the 0-14 yr old age group are already “role models” for their own offspring!!

  9. Um, the Jewish girl Joy was tattooing on the NOT LAME, but AMAZING documentary on MSNBC was ME.
    We are the two cutest women on earth when together, it’s totally like,



    Lame my ass.

    love you Joy!

  10. MissMeg,
    you! and Joy are not lame!!! but the documentary was. Like I said, it had a bunch of awesome people in the community on it, but the documentary had such a horrible tone. Like the story on the Heart doctor. *gasp* he has a tattoo! *GASP* he likes metal music! WTF MY MIND IS BLOWN!?! How could this beee???
    I dunno. The thing made me mad.

    but again, i want to re-iterate that don’t think that you nor Joy are lame! I adore your black armwork and I think you are really gorgeous and Joy is a talented lady as well!

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