Happy Hand Friends

It was “Palm Day” at Pirate Piercing in July, so understandably the gang decided to have their hands tattooed!

The hardworking tattooist behind them all? None other than Marc from Swastika Freak Shop.

It took Marc eight hours to complete all twelve hands, click above for a closer shot of the finished work.

Lucas and his palm controller.

Thanks to Anna for sending these in!

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41 thoughts on “Happy Hand Friends

  1. I like it, but i don’t like the swastika trend any more.
    - is like: I love the swastika, but hey!! you knov this is not a nazi swastika!
    - is like: everyone love the swastika just because is NOT ONLY the nazi symbol.
    come on!? :) this is not funny anymore

    find something new…

    (I hope you understand what I want to say, I’m a little bad in english)

  2. slovan – I should point out that I’m not actively tracking down images that contain a swastika to post on ModBlog, it’s just the way things have worked out :)

  3. Tweak: You said exactly what I was gonna say haha.

    I love when people with large labrets smile, it looks adorable.

  4. nice tattoos, but I hate swastikas. Maybe because I am from germany and everybody here with a swastika is nazi scum…

  5. @blacky swastika freakshop is actually located in germany, so these guys must be nazis, too? ;-)

  6. no doubt they look absolutely awesome
    but i couldn’t have a palm tattoo myself
    i’m a hygeine freak and get the jeebies just thinking about having something non skin coloured on my hand all the time
    i scrub em enough as it is

  7. i would love to see them healed, i’ve seen palm tattoos that have stayed great, and i’ve seen them fade to almost nothing within weeks
    i’ve had one for about 12 years that looks pretty close to the same as i got it, not very bright but certainly still visible

  8. hands down the best one is the snes controller, though i personally would keep trying to grab it with my own hands … and wouldn’t have wanted the swastika design on it but awesome anyway

  9. lovely tats on lovely people’s hands. i like the girls dots dot work

    the guy on the left wars a tibetan flag, right?

  10. awsome day it was and absolutely stunning result !! and they are healing well !!

  11. I knew that lucas and his wife are from Germany,i knew it.SUCCESS!

    Although I don’t like the swastika too,not everybody with one is a nazi.READ A FUCKIN LEXICON!
    nazis are mostly narrow minded,they wouldn’t accept something like bodymod.i come from germany,i know that!

  12. Lucas is from Belgium and i am from Germany.All of us had the swastika tattooed because of its original meaning (wikipedia will help you) and none of us is a racist! Far from that!

  13. I don’t think a lot of people realize that a swastika can mean both things, good and bad.
    Most people are just ignorant and don’t know these things.

    However, it is not funny, or cute. Find another symbol, Nazi Germany destroyed the real beauty to the swastika.

    I know this because my great grandfather was executed in Germany and my family is of the jewish faith.

  14. I wanted a hand tattoo and was told that I couldn’t have one done because it would fade and also I probably wouldn’t find anyone to do it because of the problems with permanency. So what’s the actually true facts on this?

  15. What the hell with Nazi symbols?
    some of them are masked as something else, some are straight forward.

    Stop being Nazi dumbasses!

  16. A cheap & pathetic way to provoke people, get a swastika tattoo..
    you like people to THINK you are a Nazi,& that’s even more pathetic.
    thats my opinion.
    yes it could mean good things 2.but that’s NOT cool i guess..

  17. it’s a shame people like you can post on this page n°30,31! learn your history !!!

  18. How ignorant to say that a symbol that was positive for thousands of years (in many different cultures, the jewish one for example!) can’t be used anymore because of a few years of abuse?What about the christian cross then? Lots of people have it tattooed and far more died in it’s name!

  19. we dont have the swastika tatued because it is cool. what is that for bullshit. we have tatued it that stupid peoples think a little bit about the swastikas. because hittler was a bastard and its not his sign. so save the culture and all behind this sign. open your eyes and bring the respect to al the cultures who use the sign – like the buddhist and hinduist. so when you say everybody who use a swastika is a nazi – maybe than you are the nazi……

  20. The bottom left one with the brain in the lotus is by far my favourite! amzing! I do feel though, even though there is a strong cultural swastika use seperate from the nazi adopting its use, that you would need a very strong reason to get a clockwise swastika (symbolising physical strength, where the counter-clockwise symbolises mental attributes), due to its more recent, highly known nazi adoption.. Just an opinion though. Beautiful none the less!

  21. These hand tats are all beautiful. I hope they all heal well, and don’t fade too badly.

  22. I hate to see this, because the more people see palm tattoos, the more requests I’ll get for them, and the more times I’ll have to explain the impermanency to people.

    “But I saw pictures of them on BME!”

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