Come Join Us!

I’m not being held responsible for you voiding your monitor warranty by drawing on it with a sharpie. so if you’re too lazy or too sensible to try that I took the liberty of painstakingly putting together the following video for you!

Or you can just click the photo above.

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DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

Join the Dots tattoo by Mike Hughes of Evolution Tattoo, Santa Rosa, CA.

29 thoughts on “Come Join Us!

  1. I’m sorry but I think that’s ridiculous. I understand the concept, but the tattoo could be better executed.

  2. modblog sucks now.
    i keep coming back hoping that there will be something cool and interest and new but there isnt

  3. I still love modblog. I don’t expect to come here and love everything I see, nor should anyone else in my opinion.
    I don’t particularly care for this tattoo.
    I do agree that the concept is nice, though.

  4. So yeah…What do the rest of the dots make up?…I’m intrigued…And when are people gonna stop bitchin’ about modblog?…:p

  5. Roo, you’re not the one who makes Modblog less interesting,
    It’s just that I think we miss a certain someone….

    And I agree with others – The idea is brilliant, the outcome not so much. And I’m referring both to the quality of the tattoo and the way the drawing comes out.

  6. @Lj: When it returns to its former glory as opposed to limping along like the crippled, sad shell of what it once was. Puerile humor is great and all, but not when it’s a constant, unrelenting stream of unfunny commentary for commentary’s sake.

  7. Yes, +1 on the “good idea, sucky execution” comments. He could have done something way more interesting with this idea.

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