47 thoughts on “Money to Burn

  1. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME concept but really poorly executed… LOVE the idea, though.

  2. not impressed… havent been since my stomach had squigly lines all over it…

    should see the surface piercings that come out of there… its a shame people go back to that shop

  3. I wonder what made him want to get this, specifically.

    Also, why is BF in black face?

  4. I honestly love this very much. I think the quality is amazing, the coloring and shading is great,and I find it to be very unique. 10/10 hands down.

  5. If you look at Franklin’s head it looks a bit like he’s had a saline injection. Which if intentional would make this piece very cool.

  6. For some reason, this seems like shoddy work to me. Im no art critique, but I would have this hanging on my wall, or needled onto a large portion of my back. The line work seems clean and everything, but my eyes just scream “god-awful”

  7. This just reminds me of when someone came into the shop I frequent (Aces High in WPB, FL) and asked for a burning hundred dollar bill — and then expected to only pay like $70 for it. The artists pretty much old him that wasn’t going to happen and he got pissed and left. Their only reaction was a shrug and a simple “What? I thought he had money to burn?”

    I have to agree and say that I do not like this piece at all.

  8. The fire looks naff. It all just looks a bit too ‘MESSAGE!’ instead of ‘ART!’
    I like the thought of the guy checking this out in the mirror or whatever, saying ‘Nice one!’ and then handing over however much it cost him, which was probably way over $100.

  9. i’m not sure why everyone keeps saying things about the presidency considering franklin was… not a president. and that is a pretty horrific portrait. the rest isn’t bad, just the face.

  10. #2, it’s Sandra Bullock not Julia Roberts

    and the dude is Jesse “West Coast Choppers” James

  11. permafaust: The school system?

    Cuz to have you face on a dollar coin/note means you HAVE to have been a President right? ;)

    Bro. Franklin was totally influential and did a lot, but president he was not lmao

    I’m with Rachel on this but thats why I asked if perhaps they burned a $100 bill and took a picture and converted to grey scale to see what it’d look like. Maybe it’d be all contorted and messed up,etc…..Probably not though lol

  12. I wouldn’t reccommend that shop to ANYONE. Any shop that tattoos/peirces underage kids, is no good. Everything in that shop is extremely sketchy and I’m ashamed to say I got a tattoo there when I was 16. Though, luckily it didn’t turn out terrible. I’m one of the lucky few. I’ve seen some terrible work out of there in the past few years.

  13. justthisonce: cuz you know its TOTALLY ripping off when someone gets an American $100 bank note….

    If anything they are ripping off the US Government and the individual who first designed that $100 bank note.

    C’mon guys…Jesse James isn’t the FIRST to get a $100 tattooed on them, and this guy posted won’t be the last.


  14. 35, people have the same ideas, get over it. The idea wasn’t original to begin with, thus making “ripping it off” impossibe.

  15. warren- i am quite aware of all the accomplishments that BF made.
    i was referring to #8 where they stated him being a “black president”
    which he was not

  16. dude. thats sweet. the flames is what made that tattoo totally far out.
    i wonder what it means?

  17. Haha well, I’m not from the US and they didn’t teach us American history at school, and its not a subject I’ve pursued since, so forgive my ignorance, I was going on what someone above me had said and didn’t really think about it :p

  18. its good an all, jus seems if they did the note realistic (as it is) why do cartoon style flames, and if the artist wasnt comfortble doing realistic flames should he have done the realistic note?

    just looks like a mix of styles to me!

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