Sunburst Branding

Apologies for the quality and lack of information on the following two photos, but I really liked how this self done branding healed. Clickthrough for larger views..

17 thoughts on “Sunburst Branding

  1. ooo fun! hot metal not the best thing i’ve come to figure out.

    b. i think i know you :X

  2. Daaaaaamn. Love it! Usually I hate how wide and uneven brands turn out once they’re healed… this one looks *great*, though! How do you suppose he did it? Besides having massive, honking balls, that is…

  3. the raised effect is pretty intense. The brand reminded me of one of those face sucker things in the movie Alien.

  4. if hot metal isn’t the best, what is? i’ve been told that making a wire “mold”, if you will, and branding it all at once is a bad idea; most of the people i know heat a rod and essentially draw the brand on.

    what’s better, though?

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