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  1. the soap kind of resembles jissum, like in that one shaving cream commercial, which increases the sexual connotations

  2. just..wow…*drools*
    also a side note.. has anyone been even bothered to try and figure out what the tats are actually of?

  3. Squirrelgirl – What I was trying to point out (with a sense of humour) is that pictures of boys with tattoos or girls with piercings is not a new thing for ModBlog.

  4. Personally I think it looks contrived, too completly thought out and on purpose.
    And the underboob hanging out, her breasts are not huge so its obviously on purpose.
    There are alot of beautiful girls out there I see them everyday, what I’d like to see from modblog is a little more attention to mods, and a little less to sex.
    I came to this site with an interest in body modification not naked people.
    If the mod involves nudity fine then, but pictures just cause a girl is hot is lame.

  5. My breasts aren’t huge either and I’ll occasionally glance down and see a little underboob, it happens. If every picture posted on modblog featured a hot chick then yes, there would be a problem. Fortunately it’s not as habitual as everyone makes it out to be. I like it.

  6. I’ll have to agree and say that for the most part, seeing pictures like this bothers me.
    I will also agree with Roo that it is not a new occurance, my problem lately is that it seems to have shifted from the focus being on the modified, with nudity thrown in and now seems to be that the sex appeal is key, and the modification is only there because this is ModBlog. If that makes sense.

  7. agreed. i mean, the girl looks amazing. but this isn’t exactly what i’ve come here to see.

  8. SDietz – I’m trying my very, very best to keep things interesting for everyone, my “style” of posting is probably different and I can’t help that :P

    Also, ModBlog is part of BME/News and there’s a lot of other things to read and do, and the fact remains that Hanna is on IAM, she’s a member of the community and she has mods. Anyway, I could list lots of reasons why she should be posted here. That list would certainly be longer than a list of why she shouldn’t be featured.

  9. Roo – I can agree with everything you’ve said, but I still feel I made a pertinent point…not necassarily about your style, but just these types of post in general. You’re doing a DECENT job. :P

  10. is it sad that i was hoping for a click through!?

    shes very cute.. wish i could see the tattoos better though!

  11. Her tattoos look really pretty from what I can see. Roo, is there any way you might be posting more close up pictures of them?? The colors look amazing!

  12. the picture was intentional too. she is a godsgirl and this was one of her recent shoots. and her tattoos look amazing up close too. her chest piece is an awesome outerspace scene.

  13. I understand why she is on ModBlog but this picture is not about her modifications. Everyone is commenting on how beautiful her tattoos are but how can you tell if you can’t see them clearly? What if she was in a pair of sweatpants and a tshirt? No one can tell me this specific picture is on here only because she has tattoos.

  14. 25. I wanted a clickthrough too. I was hoping that the above picture was just some sort of bait so ppl would clickthrough thinkin’ “ooh, will there be boobs” only to find close up pics of her tatts….alas just another gratuitous ‘hot chick’ shot. Hot or not, I really wanted to see her tatts close enough to well….admire them for whatever they are.

  15. squirrelgirl – the picture as a whole is beautiful, from composition to the brilliance of colors to the resolution, even involving the beauty of the girl. posts like this have always been around but you can tell they are not the vast majority, i mean look at the previous two: guys with cats and pullings at the pool table. those are not sex-appealing at all (well, maybe the first guy with the cat is kindda cute but that’s not the point) modblog is still about mods and yeah a pretty girl with mods made it to modblog, get over it. there’s too many people looking for a flaw here, instead of just enjoying the posts. there has always been cute girls and cute boys around. if you don’t like it, click “home” and read Western History of Male Infibulation or something.

  16. Roo, I think what people would rather see is “tattoos!(on a hot girl), and not so much “A hot girl!(with tattoos).” Know what I mean?

    Yes, Hannah should be featured, but as some one commented, what are her tattoos of? I’d rather see more shots of her tattoos, than of she washing what I am going to assume to be a car, and not her just bathing outside.

  17. you could go onto her IAM which it is linked to and there you will find shots of her tattoos. just thought i’d mention it. personally i thought it was just another modblog and people really are winding themselfs up over nothing :o/

  18. But it’s rather silly that I should have to jump through hoops just to see this girl’s tattoos. Unless she has done something exceptional in the mod world(an extreme mod[a la Skull boy], or invented something[a new piercing technique, etc]) than I don’t see the point of a post just about a person. Understand? No offense to Hannah, who judging by her IAM seems like quite a nice girl. Like I said, I’d rather see tattoos(on a hot girl) than a hot girl(with tattoos). If I wanted to just check out hot chicks, I’d go somewhere, like squirrelgirl said, like Suicide Girls. (though, admittedly a lot of those girls are just not attractive)

    And I realize this is a regular thing that dates back to whenever, but just because something is old doesn’t mean it is good.

  19. Diego- I think you are missing my point. I could care less that a” pretty girl with mods” made it to Modblog. Pretty girls with mods make it to Modblog all the time, swimsuit or not.The picture is beautiful and I never said it wasn’t. I wish the posts you speak of involved girls wearing swimsuits. At least the focus would have been about table pulling and piercings. I went to her IAM page before I even made my first comment. The picture of her in her underwear would have made more sense because you can tell what the tattoo is.

  20. #25, I feel exactly the same way!

    Squirrelgirl, I think you’re blowing things out of proportion – this photo is no different what what’s normally posted – you can’t start suddenly drawing a line because it’s not an in-your-face or particularly odd tattoo or piercing. Besides, for me, part of what I think a beautiful tattoo is, is the ability to have it compliment your body, or even if it suits what you look like as a person (because I’m sure you’ve found that certain people can pull off certain tattoo styles better than others), so who cares if she’s being sexy at the same time – I’m sure those people who are really that interested in the tattoos can click through to her profile page and check out more pics

  21. I agree with Squizzlegirl. There’s absolutely no need for the bikini top to be in the picture at all.

  22. Jugglin jim & loki- not everyone that looks at modblog has an IAM which would make it pretty damn hard for just anybody to go to her page and view her tats. So I have the agree with squirrelgirl. There would be far less bitching about these kinds of posts if we could get a close up photo of her mods with it. There’s nothing wrong with beautiful girls or this picture. But I came to this website to see mods NOT girls in bikini with soap on them when there are far better pictures of said person with visible mods.

  23. Where are all the girls that have a little bit more meat on them? I like girls to look healthy. Is it a new unwritten law on here that healthy girls with a little meat on them aren’t posted? Cause its always these same tiny girls.

  24. Personally, I would get bored if there were no /people/ in pictures on Modblog, and it was just tattoos. I can go to BME to see pictures of tattoos. Everything about this photo is beautiful!

  25. 34/42 – Agreed.
    I personally do not have an IAM account, and her tattoos do look interesting…but all I get from this post is a cute girl in a bikini. …oh, and she has tattoos of some sort.

  26. All I have to say is, she needs a bigger bikini top cause her boobs clearly aren’t fitting into it. Unless that’s what she wanted… but it just looks weird and uncomfortable.

  27. I hate how people constantly bitch about nudity and the focus more on the body rather than the mods – maybe this picture is about the art aspect? I’m sure everyone isn’t a stranger to the art entries on here that don’t even feature a person.

    Everyone has “private parts” and everyone has different opinions, but the complaining about sex appeal is just getting old. Today’s society IS sex and we can’t avoid that, EVEN THOUGH that’s not what is trying to be conveyed – she’s just having fun.

    Also to EVERYONE who’s bitching about her top – it happens. Constantly. It has nothing to do with whether the top fits in the least… it happens if you stretch or move around even the smallest bit. It happens to me with bras all the time and even more with my bathings suits because of the fabric.

    I thought this community was supposed to be open minded – give it a god damn rest!

  28. Myself personally I like these kind of shots because you get to see how her tats compiment her body and shape. Maybe Roo could include a close up shot or two but I like the way you are posting Roo. Keep it up!

  29. 49. SDietz – i never referred to her iam profile. I said to click home to the news.bmezine.com homepage and there you can read about other mods and some interesting stuff there. I do agree that a close up picture click through would be better but my point still is these posts have always been part of modblog. i actually remember one of shannon’s last post saying to not worry, that this kind of stuff would keep on happening (in like a joking sort of way, i recall)

    Squirrelgirl – i do get your point, and i understand that we come here for the mods… i come here for the mods as well, but i don’t mind either pictures of hot girls/boys. cuz you know sexy boys also get posted… is just… ok my point is modblog is not all about hot people in sexy poses. that is like 2% and it has always been there. but i do get your point.

  30. Extremely disappointing i cant really see her tattoos. back in the day, their would have at least been a click through to the tattoo, if it wasn’t already the main picture.

  31. Some people are trying way too hard to find something to complain about. The usual complaint about pics like this is when the person barely has any mods. There’s some validity to the complaints then, because obviously the emphasis is more on their looks than on modification. But in this case, she has a full sleeve and a large chest piece, so they can’t play that card, so instead, people are like “Well you can’t see her mods closely, so this shouldn’t be here!” You don’t have to see them closely to see that she’s modified, and to see how her mods compliment her body, as someone else pointed out. Honestly, if she weren’t attractive, if the picture was exactly the same only it was an overweight, average looking person, would people be complaining as much? I doubt it. Instead, they’d probably be cheering Modblog for it. Which tells me the complaints about not being able to see her tattoos clearly is a bunch of baloney.

  32. #58- I would say the same thing even if it was on someone else. Guy or girl. Skinny or overweight. Gorgeous or ugly. I don’t give a shit. There is nothing wrong with this photo. I personally never said there was. I also never said that this picture should be here. I however did say that we should at least get a clickthrough or something so we can see the tats closer. We do have a valid argument and no its not just something else to bitch about. The only reason I could see some people cheering instead of bitching for a similiar picture of an average looking person with a little weight on them is the pure fact that it would be a little diversity. How often do we see meaty average looking girls and guys that a lot of us can relate to on modblog? Rarely ever.

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