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  1. Unless that is a tracking or info device for the benefit of the cat’s safety I think the piercing is deplorable! How can you put an animal through pain it doesn’t understand just for your own aesthetic tastes??

  2. it is too big and wrong shape for rfid and in wrong place (they are usually under skin, so they don’t
    interfere with animal)

  3. My cat would rip that out of her ear in a second. Not a good idea at all some people just should not own animals. Modifications on the non consenting are not ok in any way to me.

  4. in the 3rd picture, from the looks of it, it was pierced with a piercing gun. I hate people like this, i could NEVER imagine doing this to my kitty Pirate

  5. Unless there is some need for the cat to have it then it shouldn’t be there. It’s just not reasonable to pierce an animal for fun. I agree with Kaitlin it does look like a stud, which in my mind makes matters worse.

    What happens if the car sratches and rips it out, try explain that to the vet…?

  6. Did that cat give any form of consent to have a needle and metal bar shoved through its ear? Obviously not, so whether this guy thinks it makes him look “cooler” for having a pierced cat, or if he did it just because he’s an idiot that doesn’t think about what he’s doing, this is not okay. Cats are active animals that run and jump around all day and sooner than later that’s going to snag or it’s just plain going to tear it out with its own nails. Either way, this will most likely cause the cat some form of unnecessary pain.

  7. If a piercing makes a cat special enough to keep it from ending up euthanized at the human society then it’s fine with me.

  8. here’s my problem with the third pic: a cat’s ear are hella thin, and they’re some rough and tumble creatures,so i can just see that cat ripping that thing out of it’s ear. i just don’t understand why the cat’s ear ripping didn’t enter this guy’s mind. plus, is it just me, or does that piercing look like it’s creating scar tissue on the kitty’s ear!?

    the 1st one kinda makes me laugh, and the 2nd makes me go “awww!”

  9. Love the first two pictures, so cute.
    The third picture is just horrible, who will put a needle through a animal that can’t defend it self, and just for fun.

  10. First two pics are cute as hell. Third pic is cruel.
    - The cat had no choice in the matter.
    - The cat looks not happy about it.
    - It will be ripped out in a few days.
    – It will force the cat to follow it’s instinct and harm itself to right a wrong by ripping it out.
    - His claws that he will use to remove it are filled with whatever bacteria is in his litter box.
    - Even if the cat is chill with it, it opens it up to infection, not too many cats use sea salt.
    - The man should have his cat taken away from him and someone should pierce something on him without consent and make sure the jewelry is unremovable to the man without ripping it out of himself.
    - Maybe a large guage, large diameter seamless PA? haha
    - *there’s a lot of using “hella” in these comments, haha

  11. At heart, I’m not a cat person, but I would probably get along with the cat in the first picture. It is flippin’ adorable! Also, I would NEVER get one of my animals pierced.

  12. I don’t get why you all instantly argue when a modded pet is posted, because you all have the same opinions. It makes it a little awkward when people like me (who think that cat looks fucking metal) want to say something.

  13. I’m with the lot that disagree with piercing animals etc. If they cant consent, they shouldnt have it. Any piercing on an animal is PURELY for the owner’s aesthetic pleasure. The cat will just rip it out or get infected etc etc.

    The guy is a nob for it tbh.

  14. I get shit from my vet because my cat wears a leather collar that is not a cat collar- I don’t even want to think about what they would say if i brought her in with a piercing. they would probably call the ASPCA on me.

  15. Some good arguments, but all on the same side. Let’s hear from some owners of pierced pets.

  16. Awesome! That first cat looks a lot like mine!

    The third picture i dont really like though :\

  17. my cats ear is tipped because he used to be feral. i don’t think this is really a matter of consent, an animal can not consent to any form of modification which includes necessary things like spaying and neutering or ear tipping and microchip tags. in my opinion any intrusive modification done to an animal should be for the animal’s benefit whether it be for health or safety and not just a reflection of the owner’s personal tastes. no benefit, no modification.

  18. Sorry to be a troll but I miss all the extreme posts when I first started reading several months back. Now this is just a gauge and tattoo blog. Yes, I know they are body mods. I just miss seeing the penis of the day.

  19. id have to agree with you Bunson. dont care about the penis of the day, but do miss the really crazy extreme stuff.

  20. You guys, the cat might have already had a hole in its ear, and the guy thought it’d be amusing to stick a random earring in it. I know people whose cats have notches in their ears from getting into fights. Either way; I dunno, cutting off a cat’s balls seems way more cruel to me than piercing its ear.

  21. The first two pictures are too cute but I am not a fan of the third one.
    IF the cat had been pierced (and it wasn’t simply a bar put in a hole that was already there for sake of a picture) then how can you say it’s fair.
    No consent = no piercing

  22. (assuming the hole was not already there)

    i think that’s a barbell… not a tracking device for the cats safety…therefore i find it sick.

    we can understand and choose to be in pain from a piercing but animals can do neither.
    neither can an animal consent to being pierced. if we do not consent then we do not get pierced. how is this any different – and i don’t care if someone says “but they were sedated when it was done” it is still cruelty to the animal because they still have the healing to go through – and what happens if it gets caught and pulls…no wait…rips out?

  23. I agree with Bunson. Maybe the lack of penises and better boobies is why I’m bitchy. I like when people stretch their piercings, and I like tattoos, but I want something that is a little more inspiring of good discussion, not “OMFG what a douche! He pierced his cat!”(Man, for all we know he put some jewelry in an existing hole in that cat’s ears. I’ve seen some hella scraggly alley cats. My best friend in high school’s cat had holes in his ears, and a bit of a shortened tail, because he was originally an alley cat.) I am just tired of petty drama.

  24. Also, man, two updates a day? What is up with that? I swear this place used to get updated like crazy.

    Of course, maybe I was visiting it less frequently, and it just seemed so.

  25. WOW so many of you guys are way overreacting to a picture.

    None you you know the circumstances.


  26. this was with the 3rd picture:
    “”Cat Pierced Like It’s Owner”
    “The cat is named Cheetarah because she looks so fierce. She seems to love the piercing, not clawing at it all.”

  27. maybe he didnt actually PIERCE his cat… like someon up further said, cats get booboos from fighting and stuff, too. maybe he just noticed a hole, stuck something in it temporarily and took advantage of the photo op?

    but honestly, the position of the stud does look a little funny. photoshop just to inspire a huge flame war?

  28. I wonder how many of the people who find the lack of consent deplorable here eat meat, or benefit from animal-tested products and drugs. Even for vegans, I respect that, but there has to be some line you draw of where using animals is acceptable. Labor animals don’t give consent but are present and work on farms. Pets are captive without consent. Guide dogs and other assistance animals cannot give consent. It is a question of where a person draws the line of what is okay and what isn’t, and who’s to say what line balances things best?

    The cat can’t give either explicit consent or explicit approval, and could not mind a piercing, or like it. Nobody here is in a good position to judge that. Nobody here has any validity dictating how another interacts with animals in their life.

  29. ahhh wtf? That’s so mean :( Cat’s have really sensitive skin, imagine it comes out in an allergic reaction? What if it gets ripped out, or infected? I really hope it’s a photoshop.
    and Bunson IAWTC.

  30. actually reading back i do wonder why these pictures keep getting posted. i highly doubt people will change their opinions on this subject.

    i’ve posted mine on atleast 5 different “animal piercing/tattoo” posts. i think i may ignor the next one.

  31. i like the manimal on the top left. he’s got the whole kitten cabootle. the piercing is obviously shopped. you wouldn’t see the back bead and kitty would have ripped that out.

  32. Top two pics are adorable. I have a kitten that’s new to my home and am adoring having someone so young and playful around. As for the piercing on the cat… if it wasn’t so against an animal’s nature to have foreign objects on their bodies, I wouldn’t be quite so bothered by it, but that cat is likely going to try very hard to get rid of that piece of metal, and hurt itself in the process. Also, animals use their own saliva to clean themselves, and can’t do salt soaks or use anti-bacterial products to prevent/treat problems. Not really fair tot hat cat.

  33. You know what, everyone has their own opinion and it won’t change what p[eople do to their animals. I’m sure this guy did it because he thought it wouldn’t harm his cat. I personally wouldn’t pierce or tattoo my pets, simply cause it makes them look like cattle. But to each their own.

  34. Non-consensual modifications for safety purposes (microchips, spaying etc) aside, modifying your pet so he or she will look more aesthetically pleasing to you is just ridiculous. I’m sure the cat doesn’t think he looks any more “metal” than the other cats; that piercing probably put him in a lot of pain whose source he couldn’t understand, caused by the person who is supposed to be responsible for caring for him. I can’t think of too many worse ways for a pet caregiver to betray the animal who lives with them.

    Also, the expression on that guy’s face combined with the fact that he willingly injured his pet really, really makes me want to slap him upside the head.

  35. #32. xochi: “Cutting off a cat’s balls” is to protect cats in the future. Less cats will be running around the streets and getting hit by cars. There is a logical purpose being served by neutering a cat. A cat cannot give consent to such things, but a piercing serves no logical purpose. It will not help a cat in any way. If a cat wants his ear pierced, let him do it himself. I think that this poor animal should be taken away from his “guardian” right away.

    And I agree completely with freedomhangs.

  36. I agree with the comments on recent updates.
    I’ve been checking ModBlog daily for some time now, and thing that got me into it personally is being able to come here and see something new and interesting. Everyone knows how the majority of people feel about piercing animals, everyone has seen a funny/sweet tattoo, everyone has seen good quality pictures of people with their ears stretched. I miss being able to come here and see something new.

  37. Yes, it’s wrong.
    No, it’s not the greatest sin on earth.

    As DeadlyPoison said, “actually reading back i do wonder why these pictures keep getting posted. i highly doubt people will change their opinions on this subject.”
    Animals that have been mutilated for human gratification on a minor scale like this is a horse that’s been beaten to death. Maybe if you want a new or bigger reaction, get a picture of a cat who’s owner decided it had body dismorphic disorder and decided to ‘help it’ by cutting off its limbs. I don’t know where you;d find people like that exactly, but if you keep insisting on posting little tattoos or piercings on animals, might as well find some right freaks that really inflict harm on animals. I mean, that’s the idea of posting the picture, right?

  38. holy crap. my two favorite things in the whole world!
    boys with big lobes and kittens

  39. Well we put them (cats) through the pain to de-claw them, when really it only serves the purpose of not tearing up things (which is in their nature), and makes it dangerous for them to go outside. So, de-clawing = for aesthetic (of our furniture) reasons.

    And we also pierce young children’s ears, as young as a few months old, and they go through the same thing.
    They have pain they don’t understand, and cannot consent. So, non-consent, is not a non-valid argument.

    Any more brain busters?

  40. Oops, that should be So, non-consent, is NOW a non-valid argument.
    Non-consent is not a logical point.

  41. I think /all/ the pictures are cute. But the first one especially!! Squinty kitty!!
    As far as the cat-with-a-piercing, I will /assume/ the owner is responsible enough to
    1: Not pierce and outdoor cat or indoor/outdoor cat.
    2: Watch the cat and take out the piercing if she gets bothered by it, or if he notes that it gets in her way when she itches or something.
    3: would not advise every cat owner to get their cat pierced.

    As far as “OH THAT’S CRUEL!”, it’s among the less cruel things we do to animals. It’s really cruel to give a kitten to a young child. It’s really cruel to breed them for defects we find “cute” [such as stubby legs, flat faces, very long coats, domed heads], a reasonably responsible pet owner and responsible piercing enthusee can make sure this minor bit of discomfort for the cat involves minimal damage to the cat.
    But yeah, this is sort of an “old” topic, and it can’t be solved or eliminated. I hope it doesn’t become a fad or anything, but I don’t think it’s vicious of the owner to do such a thing.

  42. ..Also, I have to agree with everyone about the first picture.
    Possibly the cutest cat I have ever seen.

  43. I want to know how everybody seems to be okay with spaying and neutering animals or placing microchips under their skin “for their protection, safety, wellbeing, etc.”. I’m sure most parents wouldn’t consider microchipping their two-year-old. I mean, they could easily wander off or be kidnapped or get hurt, yes? It’s for their own wellbeing, just as it would be for a cat. And yet, you don’t flinch at the idea of doing THAT to an animal. Just as I’m sure most people freak out at the idea of another human being telling you you don’t have the right to reproduce because there are too many of you and not enough space. And yet, neutering your cat is considered responsible by a huge amount of people.

    Anyways, that turned into a ramble. All I’m saying is, sure, the cat isn’t consenting to the piercing. It also didn’t consent to be kept as a pet, to any of the medications a vet would give it, a microchip, none of it. If you want to champion animal rights, take the double standards out of it and leave them entirely alone. Either you need to give animals more rights – not being medicated, etc., because they can’t consent to it – or humans less. Or, you need to admit we’re not equal and consent clearly isn’t everything.

    I’m sorry if that made no sense, it’s very late.

  44. None of those cats are wearing sterile gloves (or mittens for that matter)!! Deplorable!!

  45. hey if he can pierce his cat does that mean I can pierce my 7 week old son?…because I mean lets be serious that cat can’t say…hey what the fuck are you doing that hurts ..and my son cant talk yet so whats the difference?…wicked im going to go do that right now!!…

    on a more truthful note…someone should wait until this guy is sleeping and maybe throw a needle through somewhere..and also depending on the legal stance of where he lives..someone should call the humane society and black list him so he can never own an animal ever again in his life. :)

  46. All these pics are great; cute guys and cute kitties. However, the piercing on the tabby cat in the third pic is kinda disturbing. The kitty don’t look none too happy about it neither. He’ll probably try to scratch it out, and rip his ear. Also, he didn’t consent to it. My year old cat was dermal punched by the vet at 2g while under anesthesia for her spaying. This has never bothered her, and I soaked it in sea salt twice daily while healing. I know that if she ever gets out and gets picked up by animal control, they will know that she is fixed. My other two cats don’t have it, but all three cats and my dog are microchipped. I installed the chips myself, and it caused no more discomfort than them getting their annual vaccinations.

  47. How many people bitching about the cat being pierced have cats of their own? How many of those have cats who have been declawed while under their care?

    I don’t agree with piercing an animal (it’s silly on so many levels), but the hypocrisy of people and where they choose to “care” is really quite astounding.

  48. must we really discuss? hasn’t that subject been done to death? isn’t just beating a dead horse?

    How bout we just discuss the beating of dead horses?

  49. I’m just going to ignore the third picture and say the first two pictures are made of cute! I squealed a little that’s for sure.

    I say YES to more (non pierced) cats on modblog! (with cute boys and girls plz).

  50. Not cool. It is just like that rat with its ear pierced that was on here a long time ago. I even get tagging cows ears for ID but this is different and wrong.

  51. In response to #61, Jenni, I have to say that I don’t find your arguments convincing. A) I have never and would never declaw an animal, as I think it’s cruel. B) I also disagree with modifying young children who can’t consent. Don’t assume that people take these things for granted as acceptable; I certainly don’t.

  52. Animals are not here as equals to humans, and although I like them a lot, I would be much more concerned about the owners that are starving, neglecting, and abusing their pets much more than a simple earring in the ear. Hell, bulls get a huge rod stuck thru their nose and a ring there and they don’t consent. Consenting is for humans not animals. I did vet tech work and saw a lot, this would be the least of my concerns if an owner brought him in. We promote spay/neuter – do we have the animal sign consent forms – no. We don’t ask them if they are sure the don’t want to breed. Do we artificially insemenite animals that we pick the paretns for so the offspring benefit our desires – yes. We crop and dock dogs to create a look we desire. We declaw cats to protect our furniture. We tattoo animals at the shelter to track them if they come back into the shelter at some point. All of this benefits humans and convienence and our desires and wants – yes including the spay/enueter that we justify as something better for them – it’s a convienence to us so we don’t have to watch our dogs as closely so they dont’ breed and don’t have cycles at inconvient times – and we do that by pushing the health benefits of it. It not like it’s guaranteed the cat will rip it out, he looks pretty calm and settled in the pic, and anyone who knows what is done and then what is required in care when cropped ears are healing would laugh at the thought someone thinks this was so horrible and inhumane. I’m not saying I would do it to my pets or I would encourage it, but the cat looks ine and healthy and happy otherwise so I’d prefer dealing with the imbedded collar and getting that guy in jail for neglect.

  53. Dude, the people defending the piercing of the cat are lame. Who ever would do that to an animal just to make it look “metal” is probably some daft inbred redneck trying to score scene points.
    Aside from the fact that the animal can’t consent to being pierced, it is in a location where it can easily get snagged and ripped out, causing the animal more pain. Any one who is familiar with the nature of felines will know that this scenario isn’t a matter of if it’ll happen, but when.
    This isn’t a pro/con piercing debate.
    By posting this picture, even if it is under the guise of starting a “discussion”, one is lead to believe that Mod Blog and BME support the unnecessary modding of pets. If it was a clipped ear than fine, that is a safe procedure performed by veterinarians to save animals, specifically feral cats, from further trauma by identifying them as spayed/neutered so they don’t have to go through being hauled into a clinic for a vet to realize that the animal has already been altered. But I guess that isn’t cool enough, so this bullshit has to get posted.

  54. I’m really not going to get into this, because it’s been done to death, but a couple of things to counter arguments already made:
    For those saying the hole may already have been there: great, so he didn’t make the hole, the cat’s still got an alien object in its ear it’s going to try and get rid of, or is going to rip out during the normal course of its day, doesn’t make it a whole lot better, really.

    For those arguing this is no worse than declawing – you’re right, it’s not, and declawing is just as wrong. There are certain modifications we give our pets that DO protect them. A microchip states that a cat is owned and where to fine the owner. Jenn, you’re right, we wouldn’t microchip a two-year-old. But two-year-olds aren’t generally aloud out on their own, and two-year-olds aren’t generally killed if found while out on their own and not claimed. Spaying a cat prevents unwanted kittens that are not likely to find a home. You’re right, cat’s AREN’T asked if they don’t want to breed, but the thing about cats is, they don’t breed when they want kids, they breed when they can, because it’s in their nature, and domestic cats can’t take care of their litter, humans have to, and not all cat owners can raise and find homes for litter after litter of kittens, so our cats are desexed. And as for arguing that a cat doesn’t consent to medicine? Neither does a child, but that would be because they cannot understand “you will die without this, would you like me to give it to you?”, so should we let our pets die because they can’t sign on the dotted line? Seems THAT’S pretty cruel to me.

    I don’t believe most people here are claiming this is the greatest sin on earth, or the worst thing to happen to animals in the history of the world (by the way HJP, we don’t shove rods through bulls’ noses any more), we’re simply saying that this is unkind and inappropriate. Personally, I believe that declawing, cropping, docking (in MOST situations – there are some situations where docking prevents serious injury to the tail of the dog, and then of course there’s sheep, where docking prevents infection and uncleanliness) and piercing a child’s ears are right up there, too, and I think most who have posted against animal piercing agree.

    All that being said, let the discussion on the beating of dead horses begin!

  55. Is Modblog really lacking that many readers now that purposely controversial posts need to be made in order to get comments and links and people all riled up?

  56. Oh for Christ’s fucking sake, is this a PETA protest now?

    As previously stated, humans do significantly more inhumane things to their pets on a daily basis. Declawing, spay/neutering, euthanasia? All for human benefit.

    I don’t see the cat cowering in fear under a chair, so I’m going to assume that fluffy there is doing just fine.

    Sorry to burst your bubble kids, but pets don’t have human rights. That’s why we feed them dry pellets of mechanically separated meat by-products, keep them in cages, and squirt them with spray bottles when they eat your plants.

    I’m sure if the cat were really that upset, he would’ve paid his owner back by pissing on his pillow. If you ask me he looks quite content though.

  57. Bad Bad bad…. No piercing cat ..NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!… animals no mutalation muthefucker!!!!

  58. PS. Allow me to toss in a side note about Ancient Egyptians worshiping their pierced eared cats as gods.

    Oh those inhumane bastards.

  59. How is it that ear cropping, and tail docking on dogs is considered socially acceptable, but this is a controversial issue?

  60. No, Lost raevyn, some people just have way too much time on their hands.
    Yeah, thats a messed up thing to do to an animal, let’s leave it at that.

    First picture is way too much cuteness for me to handle.
    This makes me want a cute boy with a kitten.

  61. I adore the first picture though. Both Human and kitty making faces is SO damned adorable :3
    The second is just as adorable heee Kittey snuggles!!!!
    Im not commenting on the debate picture without more information.

  62. “hella” is for sure word of the day.
    first pick is awesome.
    it’s NOT cool to pierce that little kid without him wanting it or somehow agreeing with it. unless it is a matter that would save the cat’s life, stay away from harming them. becaue that’s what you do HARM THEM with that. trust me, the cat DOESN’T like the piercing on him. i bet you my balls he doesn’t feel cool with that thing hanging there.

  63. My cat has tattood ears… I think that’s better and hotter than a piercing. My cat agrees :)

  64. Stupid.
    My point is why? So he looks good to his friends?
    Unless the cat got the hole it’s self and the earring was put in for the pic only, this guy is a moron.

    AND YES I DON’T EAT MEAT, or wear leather blah blah blah.

  65. Anyone comparing the cat’s piercing to spaying, neutering, micro-chipping, and even vivisection is completely deluded. I agree that society allows far too much abuse to go on but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. It is a good step, small or not, that people to pretty much unanimously feel that modding an animal is fucked up and inhumane. Also, there’s no reason a person has to be a vegan to feel that way, either. Eating meat is healthy and natural, it’s only the means by which many of us -get- our meat that is the problem.

    As many people have said already, there is a myriad of reasons why piercing a cat’s ear is unnecessary and even cruel. As for the first three: When we have the resources to take care of stray animals, I’ll agree that there is no need for any of it. Thing is, we don’t – so we do what we can to ensure that the animals that are already on this earth have a chance at a happy life..

    Also, children are not put down if we can’t find homes for them, so that’s a stupid fucking comparison as well.

  66. The guy in pic3 is fuckin creepy. I didn’t even notice the cat’s ear.

    I can imagine the scene later in that household……


  67. i think that animals piercing is unaccaptable iand sick. o’right, we ( i mean people) could like pain or just the effects in piercing and this is our decision. kitty can’t decide for it’s own and this is torture. i hate it. i love animals and I neve can do this to my kitty, dog. the same situation is about small children like new born babies with pierced ears. sick, dude!

  68. #72 HUZZAH! It -is- okay to beat a dead horse as long as you don’t pierce it. Non-consenting horses worldwide have agreed that “at least that damn cat is alive… I’ve been beaten to death by you humans and your rambling, illogical arguments!”

  69. I think it’s inhumane. I’m not a crazy animal rights activist but an pet would not understand what was going on… plus if it got into a fight with another animal the piercing would be ripped right out.

    I doubt it was done by a pro either. That idiot did that in his basement with a rusty needle.
    It’s kind of sick…

  70. The first two pictures make me happy. The third one… that guy is a DOUCHE BAG. Cat’s don’t need or want piercings. Especially ones done with a crappy piercing stud from the mall.

  71. I love those first two pictures. The kitties are SO CUTE! especially that first one. what a sweetie.
    The cat in the third one does not look comfortable at all, the rest of my thoughts on the subject have already been discussed at length.

  72. If a man thinks it’s okay to pierce his pet , then I think it’s okay for the local animal protection to remove that animal.

  73. #82 – Bree, I’m assuming you’re unfamiliar with the look of content kittycats!

    Pierced ear or not, that cat is blatently thinking “Put me down, mutherfucker”.

    He’s just been grabbed for the photo.

    I am otherwise not going to participate in this. I had enough with the tattooed dog. All I will say is that I’m pretty sure of how my own cat would react if I tried to shove a needle through her ear. I’ve never known a cat disassociate pain from instinct, and identify it as a pleasurable feeling (like we humans seem to do).

  74. Well the wonky eyed cat is adorable as is his partner.

    So the guy has a pierced pussy… If he cares about his cat I can’t hate him for loving his pet.

    Yeah piercing a pet is silly, but he could possibly be smart enough to recognize when it becomes a problem.

  75. cat’s ears are pretty cartilaginous, as long as he isn’t scratching it off, i don’t really see a risk of it getting caught on anything. the comments that came with the picture seem to rule this out, but from the pic itself i wouldn’t've been surprised if the “jewelery” was one of those magnetic clip-ons they sell at spencer’s so little kids can freak out their parents with their new “piercings”. Piercing animals? More misguided than cruel.

  76. I pierce the outdoor rats with high velocity lead, in the form of a .22 round piece. They mysteriously don’t survive, though. Perhaps, I just mistake their ears for their heads.

    But seriously, piercing your pet is completely stupid. I don’t endorse this.

  77. Personally I would never pierce my cats (I have three), I wouldn’t even de-claw (did I spell that right?) them. I rather have a few scratched furniture than to make my cats go through agony for something that I could do once every two weeks (cutting their nails). The only reason why I neutered them was because of the smell (as in you couldn’t breathe in the house and I was cleaning the whole place three times a day) and doing this was the only way I could keep them. It was either this or put them back in the street from where I saved them. I’m against any bad treatment to animals and I do not agree with piercing any animal or any human which did not give his/her consent.

    And I’m for sure against beating horses to death or beating any animal to death for that matter, but what the hell does it have to do with piercing cats ears? Did I miss something?

  78. #67: Sodapop

    Is your son circumsized? If not, are you protesting circumcision?

    Newborn babies can not consent to you removing their foreskin.

    No consent = no modification.

    Isn’t that what you’re all preaching?

  79. Ethan on August 10th, 2008 at 3:29 pm:
    ” Guide dogs and other assistance animals cannot give consent. It is a question of where a person draws the line of what is okay and what isn’t, and who’s to say what line balances things best? ”
    ” Nobody here has any validity dictating how another interacts with animals in their life.”

    Dear Ethan, you are rearted… the end..

  80. 109: It’s just an old saying. You know, beating a dead horse is pointless because the horse is already dead, etc. Like arguing religion or politics.

    I haven’t been a regular here so I don’t know for sure, but it sounds like these kinds of posts (animal piercing/tattoos) come up somewhat frequently and end up with the same comments over and over again.

  81. There was no reference to beating anything to death, Veronika/ IAM:E-Vomit . I was simply pointing out that to discuss this topic would be redundant and pointless. Much like

  82. I don’t agree with piercing an animal at all, but perhaps people should look at the reality of things…

    Did you know that 60% of cats in America are overweight? And 40% of those obese.
    Believe me, cats are NOT consenting to being overstuffed to the point that feline diabetes and heart problems are on the rise. Everyone is so worried about an earring in a cat’s ear while looking the other way at what’s going on in their own homes.

    You overstuff your animals and create health issues and it’s just as much an abuse issue as putting an earring in the ear. Even more.

    Don’t cast stones.

  83. Fucking stupid human. Just because a person (myself, him, you, anybody for that matter) wants to put jewelry in their body, cut something off, remove a whole from their body, tattoo themselves, split a part of their body, or even die their hair… In fact, modify themselves in any way @ all Gives them NO FUCKING RIGHT WHATSOEVER to do anything to harm an animal in that fashion. I’m not saying that because I’m Vegan, I’m saying that because the animal did NOT choose to have this modification done… I’m sure they have no vane bone in their body and could care less about having something pierced. It’s cruel and whoever does it should be raped, murdered, and raped again. Then, brought back to life @ the hospital and taken somewhere really quiet and cut in to little tiny pieces and then flushed down the toilet on top of a pile of shit.
    Stupid STUPID humyn!

  84. …so should we also rape. murder, and rape again the owners of all those obese, ill-fed cats who are being subjected to diabetes, arthritis, hepatic lipidosis and heart disease?
    The cats don’t choose those human-induced health problems, you know.
    It’s a much bigger problem.

  85. Ok, so I’ve already clearly expressed my views here, but I’m pretty sure everyone can stop saying “ZOMG THE CAT DIDN’T CONSENT!!” because hey, it didn’t consent to any of the good stuff that’s happened to it either. It’s an animal, not a human; the issue is of unnecessary pain and risk of infection, not permission. And I’m pretty sure we can shut up with the “pffft, you think THAT’S bad??” stuff too, because no-one’s even tried to claim this is the worst thing ever, but that doesn’t change that it’s bad. I’m not trying to insult anyone here, just saying, let’s keep this in the planes of reality and practicality, yeah?

  86. I’m also pretty sure committing horrendous crimes isn’t really gonna help the cat. Let’s try not to lose our heads.

  87. What a douche bag! I’ve seen worse, but seriously I hope at lest the cat scratched the living shit out of him, or however did that. What a fucking douchebag!

    P.S. No I’m not a vegan.. I know someone’s going to say I am.

  88. Um, yes, actually we still do shove a rod thru bull’s noses and then a ring to follow it. Also, we castrate spring calves by having one person hold them by the head while the sack is cut, testicles are removed and then the sack is filled with a dose of antibiotics and iodine and the calf is set free into the herd again. There are still parts of America that are actually farm and country that still do things traditionally.

  89. #106 – I hope it’s a magnetic earring. It’d be pretty great if it were, actually. I was thinking of getting a magnetic earring for my cat, too, so I could take a picture and get on Modblog and make a bunch of new friends.

    #115 – Not all lardy cats are that way because their owners are dicks who overfeed them. My sister’s cat is pretty fat, even though she started out on the same diet as the others, who didn’t gain weight. Diets (vet-supervised) didn’t help, and some only made her fatter. Two of her siblings live down the street from my parents, and they are fatties, too. (And before anyone gets upset that I adopted a kitten from a breeder or something, no, our neighbor just knew someone who’d found a litter of kittens under her back porch, so we got ourselves an adorable little stray. Her mama is spayed and lives on a farm now. Actually, I think her mom was a little pudgy? There is a family resemblance.)

  90. Right, well on my farm, HJP, and those in my area, and every farm I’ve ever been to, those practices were left for dead with strike branding. Now we use methods that DON’T hurt the animal, leave it open to infection, or interfere unnecessarily with its natural behaviour. In fact, pretty sure this country (Australia) has laws against such treatment, but we’re getting off topic. Or perhaps that’s not such a bad thing….

  91. Haha I’m going with the person I read last night about all you hypocrites who eat meat and shit. Use your brains before you start mouthing off about this kind of crap. Just because it’s a domestic “companion” animal I suppose it’s “OMG that’s so cruel” “you have no right” “the animal had no say”… And don’t tell me ALL the negative posts are from vegans.

  92. You’re right, they’re not. Know why? Because these days most meat on the market (in this country, at least), has been humanely raised and killed, and humans are meant to eat meat. We are omnivores; we eat animals as part of our diet. I hardly think eating healthily and piercing an animal’s ear for fun are comparable.
    I am personally a vegetarian for a range of reasons (none of them “SAVE THE ANIMALS”), and I’m pretty sure that has nothing to do with this. Again, LOGICAL arguments, people!

  93. The first cat is so cute, it looks like a right little sidekick. Second photo is also adorable, the guy is like, “HANDS OFF FLUFFY OR I’LL KARATE CHOP YOU”. Third photo, pff, enough has been said. Please stop posting this kind of thing ModBlog. It’s getting old. I think pretty much every sensible person here agrees it is a dumbass thing to do. Posting it just inspires ranting and negativity over an issue that really is old hat.

  94. And, the flood of people ranting and raving over how piercing animals is wrong…
    We know it’s wrong to put an animal in a position where it could harm itself. But really, I place it on the same level as removing claws from cats. So seeing this neither pleases me nor outrages me. It’s just there, it’s something that will continue to be done, but it’s definitely not the most deplorable display of animal cruelty out there as some may make it out to be. People abuse, kill and eat animals every day. It’s just how the relationship with most animals is to people.
    As for the “Did he give permission to…” bull, did he or any animal give his permission to be OWNED? To be kept in a house, confined and away from the outdoors? Or even to be dolled up or fessed over or to have his tail and ears pulled by little children?
    I would also say that having the skinny tissue of his ear pierced hurts less than the routine round of vaccines he should be getting from the veterinarian, so my only gripe with this is that the cat could very well tear it out.

    I like the boy in the second photo best. :3 But the cat in the first picture, I have been referring to as ‘Ze Squint’.

  95. “Humanely killed” is an oxymoron, Nat.

    There are also plenty of healthy meat alternatives these days.

  96. Ok, for all of the people who seem to have told me to sit down, relax, or have talked shit even though I was not addressing this post to “you” I’d imagine that most people take my words here a little harsh. And, well, they should, all though this entry (the one above,rather) was geared towards the the guy w/his cat’s ear pierced in the above mentioned picture, and I’ll thank the person for submitting it so that we can argue about what’s right, wrong, and who really sees an issue w/the folks that should actually even be considered for “caring for and about animals…” Yeah, I come off this way sometimes and yeah I understand my writing is a bit more harsh than my voice. BUT! It still stands true that, he should not have pierced his cat’s ear BECAUSE it’s just not cool to do it… It’s a body modified community for people to share their mods, not to force what they think might be “cool to do” on their animals… No hard feelings I hope, but I just think it’s wrong to force animals in to situations because humans think it might be the “right thing to do.” As for people who over feed their “pets,” they should have their heads examined just like the folks that stuff their kids w/McDonalds happy meals… It’s never the animal that needs its head examined, it’s the human.

  97. so what if the cat already had a hole in its ears from fighting with another animal, and the owner decided it would be kinda cool to put an earring through it just for shits and giggles?

  98. I’m still trying to figure out why anyone would get their panties in a bunch about spaying or neutering an animal that has the ability to produce thousands of offspring in its lifetime. The feral cat population is going out of control in the United States, and the only way to control it is to capture, fix, and release. Unfortunately, not many people are stepping up to that plate. And those that are, are exhausted for the efforts.

    Not to mention, keeping unfixed animals can lead to aggression and territorialism (is that even a word?), and everyone’s favorite cat activity, spraying! Ever tried to get a cat to stop spraying the same place over and over? Not to mention get the smell out? The majority of people would rather kick a cat out of the house for spraying than they would to try and fix the problem. The most common problem is that the animal is not fixed. Very rarely will a fixed cat spray; it’s happened to me, but I have a very dominant queen in my house, fixed or not. Finally we got her broke of the habit. She was just a little paranoid about the male in the neighborhood. In any case, dumping a cat outside isn’t the answer either.

    If you’re not going to take care of the babies, for God’s sake have your animals fixed! It’s absolutely not a crime in any way against the animal. You can argue that a life-saving procedure for the animal is against its consent too, but most of us who care about our animals would stop at nothing to help them if we can.

    If you want an animal, you have to be responsible for them, otherwise, please don’t bother.

    Those are the cutest kittens, BTW. As for the 3rd pic, I have no clue what the back story is so I’ll reserve judgment if a back story is ever forthcoming. I have a tat of Bastet (Egyptian Goddess of cats) in cat-form with a gold hoop through her ear, and while I enjoy the romanticized novelty of a pierced cat, I would never do it personally. But, the Egyptians did adorn their prized temple animals with lavish jewelry. It doesn’t make it right, but I’d imagine that if they had success with piercing their cats, there’s no reason a pierced cat nowadays would have trouble, especially if he is indoors and not prone to quarreling with other animals.

  99. I don’t see any problem w/it if it’s magnetic, if it had a hole there and he just wanted to take a picture for laughs, or any other comical or sincere gesture. I was simply referring (rather angrily worded now that I re-read it all) to the fact that it’s fucked up IF he really did go and pierce the cat’s or ANY animal’s body part. we as people do it our body’s to embellish them because we can. But I seriously doubt that other species even give two shits about tattooing, cutting, or piercing something be it for cultural, fashion, or just to get the attention of fellow kittens. I wasn’t trying to come off as an asshole. Maybe it is a magnetic piece of Jewelry from Hot Topic, who knows? I don’t know the guy. I’m just stating that it’s inhumane just as it is inhumane and fucked up to put a ring in a bulls nose, to run w/them in Barcelona, or to fight/kill them in a ring. Just as it is inhumane to test household chemicals on them. They don’t deserve to be treated the way most of us treat them. We humans are supposed to be the “smartest” species on the planet right? Being able to differentiate between right and wrong and teach that to younger generations is something that thousands of people before me have tried to do… If so… Why can’t we start acting like it then?

  100. I’d fuck the cat, then eat it. Then i’d fuck you all motherfuckers and morons. That’s what i’d do. But its not my cat. Not my decision. NOt my place to be all horrified about a piece of metal. What is the difference between an rfidchip or a piercing? None i say.

    Fuck cats and fuck people as well.


  101. animal fucking cruelty
    why the hell would you pierce a cat there not like humans they dont know how to take care of that shit
    like seriously what the fuck was going through your head like wow!

    fucking idiot

  102. My cat has a pierced ear also, but I dont have a picture and I dont put studs or items in it. Piercing or cutting is something that is frequently done to identify cats that are released into feral colonies, that way if they are found or picked up, they can be identified as belonging to a colony without being reprocessed. Mikey is a rescue cat who was taken from a feral colony, I dont think many people would pierce their cats for the sake of it.

  103. I hope that’s magnetic. I’d like to punch the shit out of him if it’s real. Poor cat.

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