You Won’t See This In The Olympics!

Ryan, Kyle, Bryan and Josh (what, no Y in your name?) competing in the underground sport of Pool Pulling.

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15 thoughts on “You Won’t See This In The Olympics!

  1. i luv the idea, but could someone explain how it actually would work practically? is it that they player just lines up the shot, and then someone on the other end of the pully just.. well.. pull?

  2. Interesting concept! Wish they’d have taken a video to see it all in motion ;]
    And yes wayne – I don’t think your eyes are failing you just yet!

  3. i think the idea is to pull right when the other player is taking a shot to make him miss

  4. Definitely gotta agree with everyone else, we need more info on this, cause it quite awesome

  5. lol we had lots of fun durring this pull. and we called it pupit pool. josh wan the only one with a hook in his right arm so bryan would pull him for his shot lol. we where jsut hangout and having a good time.

  6. What, you won’t see complete tools in the Olympics? I’m sure they’re there, just gotta look hard enough.

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