The Kraken Awakes

CJ‘s a huge H.P. Lovecraft* fan, so he got together with Mike Tidwell of Obscurities, Dallas and together they came up with this masterpiece. Clickthrough for a larger view!

* – Pictured near his wrist in the centre of the photo.

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46 thoughts on “The Kraken Awakes

  1. it’s overwhelmingly sweet, the colour is just amazing and its crisp as you like as well… i don’t like how it just fuzzes away atthe top but i guess there ain’t much else that could have been done..

  2. Amazing!!
    I’m a huge fan of Lovecraft too and I actually have a Cthulhu tattoo that is almost finished.
    Its hard to find decent looking Lovecraft-inspired tattoos, and this one is gorgeous.I am in love with it.

  3. Wow this is absolutely amazing.
    The detail and colour is breathtaking.
    I love how even though the dominant colour is blue nothing gets lost within the tattoo.

  4. Stunning colour – I’ve not heard of Lovecraft, but it sure makes a beautiful tattoo!

  5. Looks great. Monochrome blue instead of the more conventional shades of gray shading was a good choice.

    What’s that thing sticking out of the guy’s forehead in the rightmost panel though?

  6. Tanks everyone :)

    Mr. Porter would be spot on with his Alhazred a guess.

    There will be more. We were runnin out of time. Next year will try an bring the whole piece up over my shoulder.

  7. Nice. to bad the color in the photograph is totally photoshopped. you can tell by looking at his hands…. I would love to see what it looks like with out being altered.

  8. Wonderful. Just adding another voice to the Blue looks really good camp.
    Hope it holds up over time, but then again once your old you’ve got bigger problems to worry about than whether your tattoo is a little faded.

  9. Blue being my favourite colour, and loving all things with tentacles (not in the dodgy Japanese porn way, lol!) this piece made my jaw drop!!! Stunning :)

  10. Aaron – Click the link under the photo and the original is on page two (at the time I wrote this) of the gallery.

  11. It is tempting to crank up the color saturation with photoshop, but unethical and just a plain badi idea:

    It creates unrealistic expectations from the public that make customer service a nightmare, if you’re a tattooist.

  12. Now THIS thing destroys!

    See how far superior this is to some damned lyrics tattooed in a typewrite font?!

    Props to both artist & client, inspiring job!

  13. I just about near had to change my panties…. Lovecraft is my favorite author and god dammit this is just beautiful…. I LOVE the blue ahhhh blue tattoos are the best!

    I feel so giddy looking at this!!!!

  14. Having seen the original in the gallery that Roo pointed out, this is obviously Photoshopped for the glow effect…but it doesn’t change the fact that this is a damn good tattoo.

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