28 thoughts on “Brown Tongue.

  1. hmm. Only about half of those things to do before he dies are inappropriate and offensive.

  2. Another boring photo. Are these things chosen by pulling one out a hat at random, or does Roo just not give a fuck any more?

  3. almaxaquotal – My dentist absolutely loved mine, I’d pass her on the street sometimes and she’d pretend to be in her surgery and ask me to open wide and say “Aaaaah” just to see it again.

    We don’t see each other anymore though, sigh.

  4. I don’t know the person pictured whatsoever, therefore cannot pass judgement.
    That said, I nominate #5, ‘heythar’, as ‘Douchbag of the Year’.

  5. My dentist told me never to get it done when I asked him if he knew anyone that could use an argon laser, *jealous sigh.

  6. When I got a labret piercing I had a dentist appointment 2 days later. He looked at it and shook his head and said “why can’t you do something healthier for your teeth like get your tongue split?”

    Yeah, I love my dentist.

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