You can hang out with all the boys..

But unlike Hotel California, you can always leave!

That’s the “vibe” I’m getting from this pretty intense skin removal (clickthrough) by Gábor Zagyvai (BME) anyway, that he got himself back on his feet and moved on.

Good for him!

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29 thoughts on “You can hang out with all the boys..

  1. goomy – There wasn’t any story unfortunately, but my interpretation of the tattoo and the skin removal (which you can see if you clickthrough, sorry if that wasn’t clear) I’m guessing he spent quite some time at a YMCA location in New York, and then decided it was time to move on once he’d got himself back on his feet.

    I could be wrong though.

  2. hmm… no me gusta… you can still see some of the ink in the dermis… i wonder if there’s like a slight discoloration of the new skin where the ink was…. and i agree with Meliss, two bands wouldve been more asthetically pleaseing…

  3. It looks a bit rough but if it’s got the sentiment behind it that roo described then it’s perfect the way it is.

  4. the location under ‘west side’ is a homeless shelter, i believe.

    this signifies that he’s come out of there and is making something for himself, mainly getting a place to live.

    at least.. that’s what I can make of this.

  5. Hhmm, I do think that the removals up top should be one instead of two but I’m sure if he went through this he just wanted the ink off… which it isn’t fully

  6. Fourth Grade Rats, if you’re not an idiot and we all are…….why don’t you enlighten us with your wisdom?

  7. @18, the location under west side is not an address, it’s not at 63, Street. 63. Street is an entire street. and due to the letters YMCA on it, i assume this tattoo refers to the YMCA on 63. Street in West Side New York. From there we can only assume that this man was molested as a young child at the YMCA, a short time after receiving this tattoo, and is now working through these painful memories towards becoming a healthy and well adjusted adult who is overweight.

  8. @24 where did the idea that he was molested come from?
    thats quite an extreme assumption

  9. Um …. Y e a h # 24?!?

    I agree with Sammy on this one. WTF ?!?

    I actually am really curious to see what this looks like healed. I have more than once thought about having some of my ink ( that is poor quality) removed via branding or cutting, and being that that route is a lot cheaper than laser, I am really interested to see this healed.

  10. The removal of the address is far more significant than making it aesthetically pleasing. Like scribbling out an ex’s name, or burning things from the past, you do it piece by piece, rather than just dumping the whole lot in the fire. At least in my experience.

  11. i’m thinking that maybe this guy was into some unsavory things at the 63rd St. YMCA and now that he is not part of that crowd any longer, he decided to remove everything that was a part of him from it.

    for those of you not in the know, the YMCA is not just a homeless shelter but a terrific spot for shared intravenous drug use as well as “anonymous” gay sex. especially the shower rooms. it used to be a pretty sweet place to hang out and work out and swim, etc…but now it’s just as bad as highway rest areas.

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