21 thoughts on “Leg Hearts (and a skull)

  1. A little too cartoony and random for my liking.. I prefer my randomness in a more of a Yann Black kinda way.

  2. is my computer just freaking out, or should there be a clickthrough on some of the hearts? the little hand-y thing pops up when i mouse over a few of them, but not the whole picture.

    this is random and happy looking and i love it

  3. That’s cute, and it seems to sort of accent as opposed to taking all of the attention.

  4. Where is the gratuitous nudity of modblog yesteryear? It doesn’t have to be a constant, but it was always refreshing to see an amazingly drop dead tattooed and pierced girl…

  5. i really really hate those skulls with the bows :-/ i like the boldness of the red, but apart from that i think its little stupid too.

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