“Greetings from Lithuania!”

Well, hello there!

Sleeve by Danielius Djachkovas, Danis Tattoo, Turgaus, Lithuania.

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33 thoughts on ““Greetings from Lithuania!”

  1. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but is that and exact replica of Vile Valo’s tattoo?

    Or does it just look like it?

  2. Yeah Ville’s looks like a bunch of shapes messily thrown together trying to look technical. This one actually does it right. Very nice.

  3. I had to take this picture and put it next to Ville’s picture then I saw how different they are.
    At first though I thought Hmm this could be Ville but alas I came to the conclusion I actually like the way this mans tattoo flows and the work seems to be a lot nicer as well.

    two thumbs up

  4. First thought, same as Ville’s. But I agree that Ville’s is much darker and more clustered. This one is a lots easier to make out the design. Very nice

  5. I love the design on both of them. Who cares they both got the same design it’s not like they are going to the local bar looking like twins.
    This dude is so hot though nice body!

  6. no. 15: how do you know it’s a tribute?

    i had to look up ville valo to even see what everyone was talking about. i agree that this one is better.

  7. I pretty much had to stop and comment on this because it does look so much like Ville’s tattoo.
    Except Valo’s has no definite start or end point, it just kind of flows and stops where it thinks it should.

  8. I think it’s unfair to assume he’s a HIM fan, Kitty. He might have been inspired by the tattoo, not the actual band. Or maybe he was? Damn this lack of information.

  9. His name is Vlad and he will be comming to the usa to tour with his band The death dumb bind sea monkeys at the end of sept and it’s no big deal cause its a bubble gum ciggertae and he is just pretending to smoke

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