18 thoughts on “Need Directions?

  1. not feeling tattoos like this myself
    although it’s nice to know people can resist from taking themselves too seriously in ways like this

  2. Why, why do people do this? It’s like that T-shirt you thought was so fucking hilarious when you were 15 that you wouldn’t be caught dead in now…. but permanent.

  3. erm lol?

    … i dont get it, it’s like getting an arrow that points to your nipple and having it say ‘nipple’.

    There is no wordplay, no pun, no wit, no detectable humor, I think that means its not a joke.

    Is it a joke? Did this person just get ‘arsehole’ tattooed on them because they are indeed an arsehole? I think thats the most likely reason. The arrow pointing to the butt-crack is just redundant.

  4. That is to say, ModBlog is supposed to feature the best that BME has to offer. – Jordan Ginsberg


  5. I agree Emily. It’s not like it’s out there for every one to see, more of a ‘hey look at my arse’ when you’re pissed at the pub.

  6. I’m not normally a big fan of tattooed words.
    I gotta admit this did make me smile:)

  7. You don’t have to “get” a tattoo to appreciate it (or not appreciate it, whatever floats your boat), not everyone has to have a tattoo with some deep spiritual meaning to it.
    I’ve noticed that the modded community has become so elitist and critical over the past year or so, and it’s shit like this that people need to see to make them stop taking everything so seriously, to stop nitpicking every single mod and to appreciate what the mod is at face value; in this case a funny tattoo.
    On the other hand though, not a chance in Hell I’d get this tattooed on me, haha. But whoever it is has a nice bum (:

  8. Garrote the Gallus Gallus…
    Hahah, I still giggle at that.

    Anyway. People need to quit throwing fits because a tattoo isn’t worthy of being placed on their magnificent, pure skin. Why would one taint such a noble body…
    [mockery] eyeroll [/mockery]

    I don’t ever see myself having such a tattoo, but not everyone takes their body art as seriously and critically as I do. My solution? I try to not act critically of anyone else’s but my own. The thing about body art is that it’s a self expression, whether of freedom, of inner characteristics, of spirituality, or what have you. People are trying to define body modification now in relation to their own feelings about it, and how would it ever be art if it were defined?

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