Sensory Deprivation.

Not to be outdone by his previous feature on ModBlog, xRonix has sent in these photos from the same eye and ear sewing session..

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15 thoughts on “Sensory Deprivation.

  1. Ohmygod, that is so amazing.
    I would never have the balls to get something like an eye sewing, though. Lip sewing, sure. Eye? Fuck no.

  2. I could go for eye sewing, maybe. Not sure what the point would be of ear sewing for me. I actually don’t like any modification that fucks with the shape of the ears, just because as a hard of hearing person I am so sensitive to how the ear functions. I can’t hear as it is, and altering the concha to prevent the collection of sound just feels scary. Ear pointing is okay, but large-gauge conch piercings and ear sewing make me feel funny inside, not in the good way.

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