15 thoughts on “Fight Through It.

  1. I’m not trying to pretend like I know anything about suspension but that looks really, really shallow. It’s not looking too safe from my perspective.

  2. crazy :) first time being modblogged. i have absolute faith in the guy and the group that threw the hook. he definatly pulled all that was gonna pull. just different people have different anatomy you know. from my experience all people seem to deal with hooks whatever the placement differently. i’ve had deep or shallow hooks before, but never from i hung. they’re the most devoted and profesional people i’ve personally been exposed to. but yeah, i’m flattered to be noticed for sure. cricket is a hell of a photographer. it was an intense moment in my life.

  3. The hook was indeed placed deep enough, it just has a lot of pressure on it, and since hooks are curved, the tissue settles into the bite and thus looks thin.

    Oh, and congrats Josh on being modblogged haha

  4. Ok, I see from the side that it’s in deeper… it’s just from the front angle it looks incredibly shallow. Thanks for clearing that up!

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