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Earlier today I attempted to post to the BME group on Facebook. I generally share links to BME articles on both Myspace and Facebook. At first I was getting “no title” errors. I then tried to post the link via the “share” utility on Facebook to post it on my wall. It became clear then that Facebook deemed BMEzine.com an unfit URL to publish or even mentioned on their site..

Shortly after I posted on IAM, with a screenshot of the error that I was getting. Several other users mentioned they received both these messages when trying to add the URL to their profile, interests or sending the link to a friend on Facebook. Previously entered URLs remain unaffected.

Some of the information you entered is not allowed on Facebook. Please try again.”

Warning: This Message Contains Blocked Content. Some content in this message has been reported as abusive by Facebook users.”

I’ve already sent a few emails as well as made some calls to a few friends to see what can be done about it. One thing I know that works is getting users to speak out!

Select the following text and copy it, click the image below it to take you to their contact form, choose “other” and paste the text into the description box, click submit!

To whom it may concern..

It has come to my attention that Facebook has tagged www.BMEzine.com as a site that contains “abusive content” and all mention of the URL has been prohibited on Facebook.

This allegation is utterly untrue and I feel that on further investigation this decision should be overturned. BMEzine.com has been online for over a decade and is the largest online community site that documents body modification and ritual aspects of the body modifications culture.

Please look into this further and allow BME to continue their relationship with Facebook.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for taking the time to write to Facebook. If they don’t think any of their users care about BME, they won’t remove the block.

31 thoughts on “Facebook blocks BME

  1. ok, i just sent it and i’m also going to send a message to all my facebook contacts about this so they send it as well.

  2. Where is the contact us link? I will happily send the letter, BME is better than facebook anyday.

  3. This merely confirms that Facebook is a piece of shit.

    What do you expect from these websites (Facebook, MySpace etc.) that claim to regroup people but put them under labels? They’re not a place for friends, only a place for labelled people.
    I thought our culture partly protesting against this method of thinking – open your mind by your body, right?

    BME is already a huge community and don’t need Facebook or any other fake-social utility place. BME is sufficient in itself.

  4. Done it.. And I think while bme and iam is a great community, it’s kind of neat to be able to use these other communities to connect with people too. At the end of the day, you can say what you want about the negative aspects of facebook/myspace, but they are HUGE in terms of networking possibilities.. :)

  5. “BME is already a huge community and don’t need Facebook or any other fake-social utility place.”

    bme IS facebook/myspace. if iam was so great, there wouldn’t be the drama over facebook deciding it doesn’t want anything to do with a sinking ship either.

  6. It’s important that BME isn’t blocked from mega sites like facebook, myspace and google because access to the site becomes restricted. It makes sense to me. This isn’t drama either, this is asking the community to write an email saying that they care. Certain individuals filed complaints against BME with facebook. They did the same to myspace and myspace unblocked BME.

  7. When things are exposed this way, I agree with you. Plus, I may get misunderstood since my english is not so fluent – I often have some difficulties to express myself as I want and I’d like to apologize about this.

    Personally, I do care when bodymodifications are abusively censored but I do not care much about words from such medias as Facebook on this subject, although I understand it may be important for you on the visibility side since backlinks on Facebook/MySpace etc. are certainly a big plus for pagerank and other stuff related to website referencing. So, well… if it can help BME, I think I can give this little help even if I disagree with social network basis.

    Few minutes later… done! Hope it helps.

    Thanks for your time.

  8. I just made a Facebook account just so I could help out :D

    Gah… I hate Facebook already and I’ve only been a member for 8 minutes.

  9. Ok, I think it might just be too early for me, but I can not find where I actually ‘contact Facebook’. I’m just finding suggestion links :/ Can someone help a poor, uncaffeinated girl out?

  10. Done. I can, though, in *some* ways see why Facebook would do this, considering there is a large portion of content on here that could be considered unsuitable for minors, and minors do use Facebook and could be indirectly subjected to something posted on someone else’s page. Then there are those ignorant members of society who will just complain over anything they don’t understand. Facebook have to cover their own backsides, especially considering the adverse press they already get for misuse of their site by a stupid minority of users – such as a girl getting beaten up at a water fight organised on a Facebook group was all over the newspapers as a “Facebook assault”…… I’m not in any way agreeing with this sort of censorship, nor do I like it – but… welcome to the world, guys…. :/

  11. Happy to have done this :) luvs to BMEzine, hate to facebook for being such bitches about it!

  12. I agree with almaxaquotal, Facebook has the right to and probably should block nudity and other material that would be inappropriate for minors to see. While a majority of the content on BME is appropriate for minors and everyone there is plenty that isn’t. Facebook I know has a no nudity rule so if there was content on the BME facebook page that contained nudity I understand why it was blocked. If however it was just peircings, and tattoos and suspensions and whatnot then they should absolutly let the BME page back onto facebook.

  13. The response I got from facebook is priceless:

    “Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We will certainly keep it in mind as we continue to improve the site.

    Thanks for contacting Facebook,

    User Operations

    what a joke.

  14. This is the response I got:


    This problem should now be resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience, and enjoy the site! Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Thanks for contacting Facebook,

    User Operations

  15. I swear, I don’t, for the life of me, understand why something like BME would be blocked on anything. After the move to BMENews, I couldn’t view the site on my phone for the longest time. I eventually called the company(T-Mobile), and complained, saying that I had never had any web guard on my phone, and that it was silly that content was blocked. I thought it was just a fault in my phone, and that it had somehow switched to web guard(which is T Mobile’s site filter), which I can then vaguely understand it blocking out BME(because it’s mean to keep kids from seeing nudity and whatnot), but come to find web guard wasn’t on, and T Mobile actually has a second filter, that is on all phones, that filters out things like BME. What that hell sense does that make??? So any adult, who purchases a phone through their company can’t go to “adult” sites?? I don’t understand.

    But then I looked up the list of what just the web guard blocks, and it made sense. It filters out things like sex education(which, I’m sorry. If I had children, I’d want the to seek out sex education, and learn the truth, and not learn bullshit from their friends), and “lifestyle,” which I can only take to mean gay. How fucking conservative.

  16. Oh well, I got so outraged that I sent the letter before reading that they’d already unblocked it.

    Glad they came to their senses

  17. I can kind of understand why BME might have been blocked. If people were posting links to the more hardcore images and articles or the Pain Olympics stuff (even if the content isn’t hosted on BME itself, the name is still attached to it) the admins probably filed BME under porn and left it at that. HOWEVER, if they are actually still allowing “offensive” things like porn to be referenced and linked (example: Suicide Girls), then they have their heads up their butts and need to be called out.
    Grassroots protest, ahoy!

  18. Done and their response :

    Hi Josua,

    Where have you seen this information? Is this in regards to an ad placed on Facebook? If so we do need you to write in from the account hosting the ads to verify ownership.

    Thanks for contacting Facebook,

    Customer Operations

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