55 thoughts on “Woops-a-dEIzey

  1. Damn hope that was a freebie hehe ;)

    Totally makes a great ” I before E ” example though…

  2. Sieze is a word, of course (although not commonly used), but not the one I think was intended here..

  3. My first thought was:

    I’m not sure what’s more disappointing… the tattoo, or the fact the neither the tattooer OR the tattooee noticed until it was too late.

    Carpe diem.

  4. come on now :) it could be an statement that just proclaims the genius humor of the people involved. me personally anytime i’m faced with an e before i situation i switch it up for the sake of my first grade teacher. she was a sweet lady. much like the wierd i posted earlier. dude is hairy though. i guess chicks dig that shtuff.

  5. i’m always infinitely disgusted with mis-spelled tattoos.
    and the lack of intelligence on the artists’ part and especially the person who’s having it inked on their body.

    maybe it is because i’m a grammar-nazi, but still.

    if it’s going to be on you for life, you can take out the time to check the spelling.

    and fuck, seize isn’t even a difficult word to spell in the first place.

    lose faith in humanity: + 1

  6. I always feel bad for people with mispelled tattoos.
    but i guess that must be what happens when you don’t think things out fully.

  7. ElloSara

    To exhibit symptoms of seizure activity, usually with convulsions.

    which when you think about it is sorta funny.

  8. My artist asked me before I got my script if it was right. Obviously, in this situation, it didn’t happen. Tis very sad.

  9. Pretty sure it isn’t a word Roo.

    Sean Dornan: You were redirected through the medical dictionary, but it redirected you to the correct spelling.

  10. perhaps he is pro bad spelling. perhaps he is fighting against the mainstream of good spellers. LeT ThE baad SPELRs UNIghT ND kiL AL PoplE THaT RITE gOod!!!?

    or maybe they were too lazy to spell check. at any rate, live and learn.

  11. It’s worse that the banner is being held up by two swallows (pretty sure they’re swallows). Apart from that it’s nice to see a guy repping a hairy chest.

  12. You know, skin removals, brandings, dicks split in half, being hung up by your tits, whatever.

    Spelling mistakes in a tattoo, ARGH!

  13. 5, 9, 14, 18,- seize is a word.

    Merriam- webster online dictionary.





    Inflected Form(s):

    seized ; seiz·ing


    Middle English saisen, from Anglo-French seisir, from Medieval Latin sacire, of Germanic origin; perhaps akin to Old High German sezzen to set — more at set


    14th century

    transitive verb

    1 to vest ownership of a freehold estate in b often seise :  to put in possession of something

    2 a :  to take possession of :   confiscate b :  to take possession of by legal process

    3 a :  to possess or take by force :   capture b :  to take prisoner :   arrest

    4 a :  to take hold of :   clutch b :  to possess oneself of :   grasp c :  to understand fully and distinctly :   apprehend

    5 a :  to attack or overwhelm physically :   afflict b :  to possess (as one’s mind) completely or overwhelmingly

  14. Yeah, H. Pretty sure everyone knows that. They’re looking for Sieze… the misspelling this entire entry is about.

  15. I was getting tattooed once and this other guy was getting tattooed and his tattoo artist tattooed “love will tare us apart” on the guys THROAT! I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was spelled wrong…

  16. @ 24,

    I’m sure no one is debating whether “seize” is a word or not. It’s pretty obvious by the comments that the word “sieze” (in the tattoo) is the one whose meaning is being debated. And I couldn’t find any definitions for the latter personally (save for one link that redirected to the medical term for “seize”, which was already mentioned).

    That being said, the owner of the tattoo should just make it about the “I before E” thing and pass it off as a joke. Unless it was a joke to begin with :D

  17. He could always tattoo official editing marks on it in red handwriting, if people get too annoying.

    OWN that thing…

  18. it is a word. “Sieze” describes cooking food that stiffens on the outside without adding color

    lol….. Who knows, maybe the tattoo owner would like to stiffen the exterior of his day without adding color?

  19. @ 32: could be interesting!!

    and you know when you say a word so many times it no longer has meaning and any spelling of it looks wrong…. yeah i have that now!!

  20. HAVE SEIZSURES EVERYDAY YEAH! Seriously though, this is the event when you politely ask the tattooartist for either a dirt cheap cover-up or some discount lasering.

  21. 28- Obviously everyone didn’t know that because the people that H. was quoting in his post said that the misspelling was not a word. :P

    I don’t know weather to feel bad that his artist can’t spell, or laugh because HE can’t spell. Or both maybe.

  22. (btw the “weather” is intentional :P Get it? sieze, seize, weather, whether… ah well. )

  23. Killaya- hah thanks. I was gonna comment back on it but you pretty much covered that for me.

  24. #32, As a culinary student and a professional cook, I’ve never heard of that term before. Nor have I really heard of the technique you were trying to describe–the closest I can think of is the process adding sodium alginate to a liquid and dropping it in a calcium chloride solution to create a bead of liquid that’s encapsulated in a thin, solidified skin. This allows the cook to create a sauce that’s essentially encased in itself, the benefit being that it’s in a unique state without serious compromise to its flavor, texture, and color. Also looks pretty. It’s been done for a few years now, and is often referred to on menus as ‘caviar’ (or ‘ravioli’, if it’s one large bead, as opposed to a series of small beads).

    But that’s neither ‘sieze’ nor ‘seize’. But it is rather off topic. If he’s a soccer fan, he could have it touched up to say ‘Zeze the Day’, Zeze being a Brazllian soccer player who plays in South Korea.

    Really though, this is the kind of thing that happens when you go about seizing the day without planning ahead–who knows what you’ll end up seizing.

  25. I can find no evidence of sieze as a word. The cooking term is seize as well I believe. I even dragged out my 5 inch thick dictionary. I am way too bored.

  26. “At least it’s not another Carpe Diem tattoo. :)”

    true, and in this case that would’ve made Carpe Deim?

  27. I hold two degrees in English, have been a professional editor, and regularly pwn n00bs at Scrabble, and therefore would be totally happy to rent my services as a Tattoo Proofreader to people like this guy for last-minute stencil checks! Cheaper than lasers….

  28. As an English teacher, the saddest part for me is that it took two ‘tards to produce this mistake :’(

  29. As an Avenged Sevenfold fan, the mispelling makes me sad. [Not saying that this is an A7X tattoo, but it could be].

    I’m just hoping that at least one of them was dyslexic….that would give at least a half decent explanation for whagt would otherwise be an okay tattoo.

  30. Reminds me of an old pal who wanted a band of lucky charms around his arm, but the moron got a 3 leaf clover instead of 4… Oops! Seize a dictionary, genius.

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