34 thoughts on “Apple Delivery System ™

  1. “Click through to see stage two of the process!”

    No, you’re confused with chronology, click-trough picture is the first one. If you push on his medusa, you get an apple.

  2. looking back through all the times modblog has featured him I was shocked to see how fast his lip was stretched. in the earliest pic (dec 2006) he has a small labet (my guess is somewhere around 5mm) and a little over a year and a half later we’re seeing a 38mm plate. Is that safe? I mean, we can see that he’s been successful but it just seems really fast without a a major scalpel job.

    but on another note, awesome picture and awesome comment 13

  3. haha, I just saw his oldest modblog photo….his evolution is awesome. A cookie for pj YAY!

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