52 thoughts on “Subtle is the Heart

  1. love her dress! it fits her perfectly, and the heart implants are such a nice touch

  2. if I was her, I’d kill you all for comparing her to Paris Hilton 😉

    I absolutely adore those implants – they’re so big!

  3. It’s the lack of other (immediately apparent) mods that’s striking me. I love the effect. She looks beautiful.

  4. when i first saw this i also thought pairs hilton except this girl is actually attractive

  5. hate to break this to you guys but those implants are way to tall for her hands in another 2 or 3 years its going to be very thin and clear / red skin on top of those hands. good luck!

  6. BendtheGlass – It wasn’t included in the details. Thanks for letting me know Emily, I’ve edited the post!

  7. I have got to ask… Where in the world did this Paris Hilton thing come from? Paris would be the very last person that would comes to mind when look at Emily is it? Seriously…???

  8. @ Christine = ooh no, they don’t have as many mods as you
    oh lord, they shouldn’t be seen in public

    personally i think its lovely and subtle

  9. Kozy put it perfectly, an implant stuck underneath of the skin, in the shape of your desire is not minor by any means. And there are plenty of people on this site of all sizes and shapes.

  10. If you’d tell me it’s Paris with colored hair, I’d buy the story!

    anyway, she looks damn good, just like her famous look-a-like


  11. they look too large for her, so here’s hoping they don’t reject

    nice pic tho!!

  12. Christine – get a life. All mods a beautiful, no matter how minor, or major.

    If you have a problem with someones mods, then ignore it, dont comment it.

    If a person just had ear piercings and got posted on mod blog i wouldnt care.
    As long as the photo shows a story and is moving, thats all that matters = ]

    and i agree, more audry ketching than paris : ]

  13. The hearts on her hands are nothing compared to the heart in this girl’s chest. Every natural and modified part of her is perfect.

  14. Having looked at this again, I’ve come to the conclusion that it would look much nicer if she had just one hand done.

    But obviously it is stunning none the less.

  15. I wonder if she would marry me….something tells me to impregnate now….

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