35 thoughts on “Sleepy Dreads.

  1. Pretty shot, with all that honey-colored light. I like the very faint suggestion of the stars in this one.

  2. Jeebuz I is so happy for t3h diversity on modblog lately. Yayssss. Makes me wonder about the last five years. It would be hard for me to believe that black people just NOW started sending photos in. I’m so happy it’s not just white people (who I love by the way) or asians (who I also, equally, love haha) being featured anymore.

  3. Gorgeous. And the background on her IAM page is Tank Girl. Can’t go wrong with that.

  4. An amazing choice to be modblogged. Adwoa is a beautiful woman and has modified herself in a beautiful way.

  5. Thanks for all the kind words.

    The scarification comes from a small town in South Eastern Ghana called Larteh Kubease. The markings (I have them on my chest and back as well) are associated with a Shrine their called Akonedi. Nana Akonedi, the deity is a female goddess of justice. I got the marks years ago during a three year period of spiritual training and discipline. The marks were done here in the states though.

    My tattoos also mark rites of passage for me…the stars symbolize the four original members of my now defunct band. The mask – a newly graduated from college me and the dragon, that you can barely see.. is protection and symbolizes the taming of my anger.

    This picture… was taken during a crying jag shortly after my wife left me.. it was about this time last year in fact.

  6. ‘b.’, do you leave controversial comments just for the sake of it, y’know, just to get a reaction?
    Cause I’ve seen similar comments left by you on other entries on ModBlog.

    There’s something about the mods on her arm and the light and her hair, that just make this such an amazing shot.

  7. B.- I love how you contradict yourself. Just a few posts ago you were telling us we all needed to be nice and not diss on people for the way they look. Yet in damn near every other post I’ve seen you leave a comment in you’re completely rude and say shitty things about the way the people look.

  8. b., disgusted? By what? Each to their own but I don’t see what could be taken as disgusting in those pictures.

    Anyhow, Adwoa, I think the pics are lovely and wistful and I hope the one year anniversary of the pics finds you happy and all bounced-back.

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