25 thoughts on “Ol’ Dirty Cupcake

  1. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . . . . sweet and salty like a butter tart? I dunno . . . I gots me nuffing. Though pretty interesting tat, nicely shaded to.

  2. for clarity im assuming he means: sweet (cupcake) and salty (armpit-which sweats) for those who aren’t understanding the reference…im definitely preferring the “salty” one though.

  3. Unless there’s a really deep and meaningful story behind this, this is one of the most stupidest tattoos ive seen.

  4. Well, it’s certainly a unique concept – I’ve never seen a tattoo of a rapper rendered as a desert treat before. Quite frankly, it’s the funniest damn thing I’ve seen in a while – totally senseless, but funny (ok, I do have an odd sense of humor). I can’t tell what part of the body this is on…..?

  5. This is my leg so Ill explain the tattoo. We were in NYC. I had two friends with me and we needed to get tattooed. The other girl wanted a cupcake and her husband and I wanted something gangsta. Thus the Ol Dirty Cupcake was born thanks to the genius of Neal! Its a completely ridiculous tattoo, but I love it – Im all for stupid tattoos! =D

  6. #6 yes!!! and #22 i don’t think we’re supposed to get it. each to their own. i’m a fan of the joke tattoo also. hence getting my friend’s band name tattooed on my collar bone. ppl still come up to me at their gigs and ask… “WHY??”.. they aren’t exactly nationally, let alone internationally well known lol

  7. if you don’t get it, it’s cuz YOU didn’t get it…..and i should know….cuz i did it

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