14 thoughts on “Nurse, I’m Missing a Scalpel!

  1. “The singular and plural form of forceps is always forceps, never ‘forcep.’ Nor is it referred to as a “pair of” as one refers to a pair of scissors.”

    According to wikipedia

  2. LOVE IT! The detail is so amazing that it almost grosses me out to look at it! I love how the muscle looks under the skin! I also like the fact that they didn’t try to add blood or anything else that would destract from the artwork. I just think pieces like this where the skin looks like its being ripped away are over kill when you add to much to it, but this one is done perfectly in my opionion!

  3. lovignthe tattoo and aswell as te floor tiles were does one get puzzle peice floor tiles anyway lol

  4. yaaaay :)
    …ps, i have that flooring in animal crossing. :) with playroom walls. lulz.

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