Mouse Balls – Revisited.

It’s about time I outed the folks behind thisguess what game” I posted back in May!

It was Russ Foxx (IAM) repairing Jonn‘s navel, which he’d stretched from 14ga to 1″ 3/8 (34mm) over a five year period (Jonn had, not Russ).

Unfortunately on the last stretch it decided to split and resulted in the “mouse balls” you saw in the post linked above. It’s all healed now and he’s still aiming for his goal size of 40mm!

10 thoughts on “Mouse Balls – Revisited.

  1. ye..i remenber that “guess-what” i first thought it was something vag related xD..stupid me…
    roo…if you can please ask for pictures of the stretched navel…i’m curious ^^

  2. im with cardboardfrog

    they were like implants
    but with just scar tissue,
    kinda cool…

    maybe a new type of mod? ;]

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