What was mine is now yours

The tattoo above is by Greg Ross (The Blue Rose Tattoo, Huntsville, Alabama) and he was asked to do it by a customer who had decided to bequeath all her organs to the University of Alabama, Birmingham’s Anatomical Donor Program (i.e. Making a bequest of her body to medical research after her death). The tattoo artists at the shop signed as witnesses on her donor form, which I thought was a nice touch.

The work was from her original design and the imagery is a combination of memento mori funeral portraiture and versions of anatomical “Venus type” wax anatomical models.

24 thoughts on “What was mine is now yours

  1. thanks roo, now I can’t stop reading about memento mori.
    How had I never heard of that before?

  2. oh wow i like that alot

    its really symbolic
    i love when people go to such an extent to put meaning behind their tattoos

  3. The tattoo is nice, but am I the only one that realizes that this is the closest bme news has gone to showing boobs since about 10 or so posts?

  4. This is the most amazing tattoo I have seen in a while. Have you checked out the guy’s portfolio, amazing!

  5. What a beautiful idea! And what a wonderful way to commemorate and celebrate the decision.

  6. i want more bmegirls pics, please.
    breasts, genitals, butts. thank you.

    this is very pretteh

  7. Omg wow..I love this tattoo! But I love his portfolio even more! Look for the “Mars Attacks” one–amazing!

  8. What a unique and wonderful way to beqeath your organs. All I’ve got is my cruddy donor card 🙂

  9. That’s my tattoo, she writes proudly.
    Yes, it’s on my left outer thigh from a couple inches above the knee up to the hip. The lettering reads “BEQUEST”; I like the curlique script Greg used and am very happy with this piece.

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