Mister Panty Head*

Peter Mahoney hasn’t worn any jewellery in his lobes for over six months. They’re sitting at just over 3/4″ now and he’s quite happy about it (although he’s found that he’s asked more questions about them now than ever before).

Photograph by Richelle Forsey, tattoos by Daniel Innes (Good Time Design), lobes initially scalpelled by Russ.

* – Not to be confused with the awe-inspiring photographic project by Syx of BlackFrame Studios.

32 thoughts on “Mister Panty Head*

  1. I don’t know if its the lighting or a shadow but it look like he has a freckle on his eye…and i love those.

    but either way i adore this photo<3

  2. Anybody could tell which was his gauge at the moment he decided to stop wearing the plugs?
    I’m thinking about doing the same but the resulting hole after 3 or 4 days without jewellery is not big enough… i’m at 25mm right now, thinking to go until 30… any ideas?

  3. Yea, I definitely like this photo a lot. I can’t actually say why tho….. the red lips on the material are probably part of that.

  4. The panties head bit isn’t what confuses me. Who, in the heat of the moment hasn’t thrown a pair of panties over his face? It’s everything else that confuses me.

    Why is he wearing a bright blue bandanna around his neck that matches the weird blue arm band on his left arm? What’s with the lipstick? What’s the white mesh thing around the weird blue arm band about? And what does the series of black lines on his right sleeve mean?

    Is it odd that I only really want the last question answered?

  5. Not even kidding, this picture is THE most terrifying thing I have ever seen on the internet, to date. Terrifying in the “no feeling” way. Creepy.

  6. Matt… the blue arm band is a bandage a lot of shops reccomend for healing. Theyre awesome! Kinda acts like that paper underneath a steak in the market, haha Basically it pulls all the ickiness and moisture off the tattoo unlike sawran wrap and keeps it way cleaner. And from experience I can say that they flake/peel a lot less and heal faster too. :)

  7. haha i love the binary code on his arm
    although im pretty sure it doesnt mean anything
    ahh well he has rad sleeves none the less

  8. Five foot ten, strongly built, about a hundred and eighty pounds, hair blonde, eyes pale blue. He’d be about thirty-five now. He said he lived in Philadelphia, but he may have lied.

  9. Ahhahaha! This is in a manga that my boyfriend reads, I can’t remeber which one though…the guy turns into a superhero against pedos by wearing panties on his face xD either way, he looks lovely… xD

  10. peter and richelle, wicked job.
    i love the lip panties! makes you look pretty hot peter!


    thanks guys!

  11. Binary means ‘alpha’ & ‘omega’.
    Richelle is amazing. Google her.
    I do have a spot in my eye, I was born with it.
    I’m not creepy!
    My ears were just over 1-1/2″, and I may go back. I may not.

    Oh. The panties, the bandana. Richelle’s website explains it all. Check it out.

    In the meantime, I love vegan desserts.

  12. I’ll confirm the lack of creepiness about Peter…He’s one of the most genuinely nice and caring people I’ve EVER met. *nods* Gives great hugs and offers mentally & physically exhausted Warren’s hot dogs at Synthpop Festivals, just to name a few things awesome that is Peter ;)

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