14 thoughts on “Penguins, Lobes and Automobiles.

  1. I’m just a wee bit jealous of Tyler’s unique ear jewelry…..none of the penguins I have (currently) are small enough tfit into my lobes for a photo op 🙁 But hey, the Beetle did fit just perfectly!

  2. The first photo is awesome, I love the contrast.
    (even if you’re not that chalk-white, Mrs. Penguin.)

    Lovely jewelry in both photos!

  3. xD loved it..i thought it was a guess-what..lol…
    i wish i could fit something big like those pinguins in my lobes, but they are small and i can’t streched them right now :x…if i could i would walk around with the craziest stuff on my ears xD

  4. being an airhead (fan of older, air cooled, vws) i’m in love with the first pic. 🙂

  5. haha I wasn’t expecting this picture to make modblog, correction though. My ears are only 2 1/4. This rocks though! : )

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