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  1. … I guess so.
    Not my favorite, and it doesn’t look very good quality… but once again, whatever makes him happy… or angry… or whatever it is he is.


  2. Here I was thinking that modblog was a place for people to accept other peoples ways.

    I’d much rather meet this guy than some dude with a tattoo of jesus on his head.

  3. I’d like to see a closer pic. With the shine and size I can’t see what the detail looks like.
    I’m sure it’s eeevil and all, but I’d like to make out whats going on…

  4. The thing Im most impressed about with Anal Blast is that they got Cookie Monster to do their vocals.

    …oh wait that’s not….???…….oh…oooooooooooooohhh.

    Well then how sad.

  5. I’m all for self expression. But I hope that tattoo was free. Or hopefully he got his money back when the guy saw how bad it looks. And to quote Twiztid “Is that batman or another fat kid in a cape”. Come on dude, do you pray you become a member of the 28 club or are you past that and realized you haven’t really done anything with you life? I’m not one to judge, I live and let live. But come on, that shows a lack of maturity. If you practice the religion then I’m okay, but you’re in a band that sounds like a dog choking on a condom after licking your balls. Sad. sad. sad. sad.

  6. Tatt looks cliched and boring, and bad quality. Why would you make the ssumption this guy is a LaVeyan Satanist? Dude looks like trash and probably isn’t getting further in this material world because of it. Ave Satanas! Hail Satan!

  7. Image of goat way too flat >.<

    Surprised the artist didnt try and make it pop a little more!

    Then again perhaps the client brought in the crudely drawn goat to begin with,

  8. i personally would not have gotten this but hey to each his own..

    as for the band, by far my favorite lyric i have heard so far:

    “You think you are so quick, you can suck your shit off my dick”

    classic and embarrassing at the same time.

  9. personally i think it looks bad to the fucking bone. and it doesn’t look like he really cares what it turned out like, so why should we? if he likes it then that’s great!

  10. i think the person assumed he was a LaVeyan satanist because Anton La Vey wrote the satanic bible and popularized the image of the goat’s head in a pentagram for the most part

    i don’t think we should be attacking his choice in tattoo or reasons, after all aren’t we part of a community that’s attacked/looked down on for even having tattoos and piercings?
    we shouldn’t pass around the hate to others that share the same love for body modification

    to each his own

  11. Without this entry I would never have know that Anal Blast and Anal Cunt are touring together! AWESOME!

  12. That dude’s something else, and that ink…ehhh. I’m not too into Anal Blast, but I’m more than a little irked to see that people who I’d imagine to be much much more open-minded about than your average Joe can be so ignorant about music. “Cookie monster” vocals? Be creative at least. Maybe it’s not your cup of tea, but death metal isn’t for everybody, and it isn’t fair to bash and ridicule something that you don’t understand when it could very well mean the world to some people.
    ‘s my two cents, anyway.

  13. The subject matter isn’t what concerns me, its the quality. Looks a little jailhouse-y, yo.

  14. Ha, good notice Jess…. Jaimes #18, you made yourself out to be a tool and now it will be cached on our interents forever.

  15. #21: Congratulations, you’re the FIRST EVER dingbat to ever come up with that “comparison.” Incredible. Go show your mom.

  16. i dont like it, but thats only my opinion..
    poor quality..
    apparently this guy doent know that there are damn good artists know, why waste your skin?

  17. yeah, haha Jess definitely got to Jaimes’ comment before I did. damnit. I love talking down to stupid people.
    but anyways. yeah I’m not hating on his religion or whatever but it’s a POORLY done tattoo. It’s not the concept which angers me, it’s the quality of it. the circles aren’t even perfectly round, all the horns look floppy,and one ear is WAY larger than the other. just to name a few problems.
    I mean sure if he likes it whatever, that’s sweet. but this is just my opinion. as the country I live in allows free speech, so don’t get you’re knickers in a knot that I am using that right…..I’m lookin at you Jaimes, serpentsss, ashley darling, and Stefunee.


  18. Roorah,

    that picture isn’t even an anal blast picture. they just used/took/whatever.
    I can’t remember the artist’s name but I found her using Stumbleupon one day.
    all of her work is like that.

  19. Sean Dornan – It’s absolutely not an Anal Blast design, I didn’t say it was 🙂

    It’s by Mari Chan and it’s called Menstrual Dreamer, apparently.

  20. ok good 🙂
    I just didn’t want people to assume so.
    your never ending knowledge never ceases to amaze me.

  21. dear Sean Dornan

    re # 49 that’s what i was getting at with #22. not that i care to be first though.

  22. To number 31, that would be an inverted pentagram, we as wiccans use the pentram and do not believe in the neo christioan concept of one cingular evil encarnation…As far as the tattoo goes, hey if its what he like then more power to him….

  23. To number 31, that would be an inverted pentagram, we as wiccans use the pentagram and do not believe in the neo Christian concept of one cingular evil incarnation…As far as the tattoo goes, hey if its what he like then more power to him….

  24. @ rebelduck: pretty sure “cingular” is either a cell-phone company or an obscure word meaning “around the waist”. The word you’re looking for is “singular”. Besides that, I thought wiccans used a pentacle, not a pentagram… the pentacle being a star inscribed within a circle. I’m not wiccan though… could be wrong.

    Aside from that, I really wanted to post in favor of “judging” people’s tattoos and mods in general. I think I have rarely seen on modblog someone judge another for the content of a tattoo. I often see people judge them for the creativity of the design and for the quality of the artist. I don’t see why anyone would have a problem with that more than they would have a problem with a person judging canvas artwork based on quality and creativity.

  25. Since when does Satanism have anything to do with the Runic alphabet?
    It’s definately the Norse runic alphabet, too; I wouldn’t wonder if it was like John Dee hieroglyphs or symbols from the Key of Solomon or whatever….
    Does anybody know?
    (actually curious)
    ….Is it ’cause they’re both metal?

  26. Looks like it was done in markers. Not the fancy-schmancy Crayola kind, either. I’m talkin’ RoseArt.

  27. I’m convinced there’s a secret cult of you out there for verbally abusing tattoos on modblog unless they’re imaculate works of art that took like twelve sittings to complete and three hours to design and cost several hundred of whatever currency you want and soforth.
    Modblog was never meant to be as mainstream as praising beautifully done tattoos. It’s supposed to be about Iinteresting and noteworthy body modifications, which is exactly what this is.
    The flaming that goes on here is ridiculous and I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of other people out there who are sick of having to read it too.

  28. Sean Dornan, I don’t live in your country nor will I ever.

    I don’t follow any religions at all nor will I ever.

    This tattoo may be poorly done, but that’s no reason to knock the guy for wanting to get the tattoo in the first place.

  29. DuckieVamp – I know I am (not speaking for ModBlog or BME here), this isn’t supposed to be a place people come to complain, pick holes or just be mean-spirited. Picking holes is fine if there are holes to be picked at but honestly I just wish people would appreciate the fact the people put time, work and thought into the tattoos and modifications that we post here.

    They’re not posted on ModBlog so people make nonconstructive comments (mostly anonymously), they’re posted because we find them interesting and hope you will too. We’re all here to document and enjoy body modification, documentation doesn’t mean mindless comments about something you’re obviously not understanding, it just makes you look a little silly and also makes the community I hope you care about (I assume you do because you’re reading ModBlog) appear childish, which we’re not.

  30. Jaimes.

    you don’t know what country I live in. I never said it. and I don’t remember saying anything about YOU and my country, only referring to myself.

    thanks for telling me your religious beliefs? although I did say, “yeah I’m not hating on his religion”. and that’s it. so I’m not sure how that plays in…

    and I never knocked the guy for wanting to get it done…

    …are you sure you can read?

  31. Horrible ink on an incredible douchebag…look at me I’m a big tough biker whou gets pumped in the ass in prison

  32. man, what a piece of shit, come on, and on the head no less, it makes me sad that a shithole shop like this is in my home town, take an art lesson you dope

  33. Liking the design he has going on but on his forehead? Being a fellow Satanist, that isn’t so … satanic of him but rather foolish.

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