60 Meter Swedish Crane Suspension Video

IAM: Bena sent me the link to this clip on Expressen TV. Their site is so bad I’ve added a copy of the video here for you to see.  Lex from Federal Body Piercing facilitated the suspension. The suspendee is Tommie who is 35 years old, married and the father of two daughters who live a “normal life” according to the narrator. He was suspended 60 meters (approximately 196 feet) into the air.

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One thing to note which could be easily missed is that Tommie is wearing a safety harness underneath his shorts.

24 thoughts on “60 Meter Swedish Crane Suspension Video

  1. Yey! Go Sweden! 😉 If I´m not mistaken this was some kind of attempt for a world record, not really done by someone who was involved with suspensions and such on a regular basis.

  2. noir:
    he was the first person that high in a lotus.
    the fact that people been higher in other positions wasn’t a problem!?
    and the guy works part time as a fakir if i ain’t mistaken.

  3. good for him. not so good for the community. seems to be a lot of suspension posted lately. is this the best that bme has to offer or is it an attempt to rebuild the suspension community. time heals all wounds right? let go and let the suspension artists earn their respect through word of mouth not word of media.

    i’d like to see more variety here if you can.

  4. “The suspendee is Tommie who is 35 years old, married and the father of two daughters who live a “normal life” according to the narrator.”

    because people who suspend don’t lead normal lives. . .what?

  5. Fireship:

    Normal = mainstream

    If i went outside my house now into the city and asked 1000 different people have ever done a suspension I would doubt I would find one.

  6. Damn… this was aired on television in my own country and I first even heard about it on modblog…. I have to start watching more television!

  7. Wow. I like high suspensions.

    I have done my first suspension only 4 meter high and that was the highest position of the suspension bar there was. Now I dream sometimes of the big suspension meeting in Italy with they have a crane of 10/12 meter. But this is really great. 🙂

    I see some extra safety equipment is applied in case of the hooks fails. If you do something like this next time you could also use the special hooks which Criss Angel has used during his helicopter suspension. This hooks cannot go out. Look at youtube how he is rigged.

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