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Sheila (a huge design geek) loves Mies‘s signature chair so much she got a tattoo of it. Apparently a real Barcelona chair costs as much as $2,500, but she can’t afford one. So instead she got this tattoo!

Now, I technically own one forever!

By Adrian Sanchez, Incognito Tattoo, Pasadena, CA.

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25 thoughts on “Design Geek

  1. Oh.. well If that’s what she likes then good on her!
    Personally I dont like the thought of having a chair on my arm forever.. even if it is a designer one!

  2. damn looks really nice, i also wanted a barcelona chair for a long time, but seen the price the purchase got put on a hold.
    to Amber: sat in that chair and it ain’t comfy at all :)

  3. My dad owns on office furniture company and when I showed him this picture he went; “Oh, good God!”

    I got a wee chuckle from his reaction.

  4. this is really niffty!
    quirky tattoos for people who normaly wouldnt have tattoos. theres nothing better than that.

  5. I remember seeing this a long time ago from Nick Baxter. I never knew it was a famous chair, though :)


  6. Hmm… looks like any other chair… doesn’t look special… IMO, comfy chairs have arms, and are really deep, and overstuffed, and big enough for me to curl up in.

  7. this has been PROBABLY my favorite post on modblog.
    it’s so unconventional and goes to show that anyone can get a tattoo. it’s fabulous!

  8. as a fellow design geek, i absolutely love this. and to everyone knocking the barcelona chair, you don’t know what you’re talking about, haha :)

  9. thanks for the great compliments everyone! My co-worker took this picture one day at work. So many people ask why, but after I explain, they usually love it.

    I also look pretty unmodified in this picture, but I have lots more tattoos, stretched lobes, scarification, and other piercings :)

  10. I saw this chick at an In-N-Out in Vegas! we wondered why she would get a chair, lol.

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