19 thoughts on “Never Kneel!

  1. (a) never give up

    (b) I am a homophobe

    crap tattoo, not acoment on the work of the artist,just design placment, messege etc.


  2. I am going to assume it means “i kneel for no man.” sooo… and D… wtf man.. get out. Now.

  3. D.

    If that is how you type I would hate to hear how you talk! Didn’t you ever go to elementary school where they teach you such things as spelling and grammar?

  4. lol my brain converted D’s dialect into something legible but now that I re-read it that’s hilarious.

  5. 5 – I took it as an anti-catholic msg as well, because the bible says that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bend. (Phil.2:10)

  6. Regardless of how it was spelt it could be taken as a homophobic innuendo… And it is kind of simple for an area that really does have amazing potential for phenomenal tattoos…

    Oh and people grow up…. Your opinion is you like it, his is he hates it (assuming of course it is a he, im only judging by the spelling) thats what blogs are about.

  7. In prison it very traditional to tattoo thieves stars on your knees. It also signifies that the wearer will not kneel to authority.

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