39 thoughts on “Ever So Versatile..

  1. valy – DVDs started trickling out in 1993 (fifteen years ago!), besides, if you listen to the technology pundits DVDs are going to be superseded very soon. That reason alone makes them vintage and definitely worthy of being tattooed! :)


  2. I hate DVDs, I can’t seem to go three weeks without (unintentionally) scratching them until they’re useless.


  3. the only thing I hate about my dvd’s is the weight of them all…with around 300+ dvd’s, I could probably kill somebody if I slammed the binder full force against their head.

    they should just do away with all these things and just go digital, it’d save on a lot of physical waste/garbage as well *nods*

  4. we have larger media storage devices and better means to obtain media reducing junk pileup and warren killing the innocent. warren, is this a regular thought? ha ha.

    i wouldn’t get something culturally dated myself but i respect his choice. however, it does remind me of the guy i seen last week that had his birth date tattooed in very large bold on his forearm. sick.

  5. I personally want to point out that almost every time someone posts a tattoo post. there’s at least 2 or three people asking the mandatory “WHY?!”.
    this is a group for body modification. do you ever get tired of people asking you that? And since when was it your business to know the inner thinkings of a person’s mind and why they make the decisions they do.
    just enjoy the tattoo for how awesome it is.
    if the owner of the tattoo want’s to tell you his life story I’m sure he would have without you asking.

  6. Steven: sadly its a far more regular thought then I’d like to honestly admit ;)

    Sean: The only thing I’d like to ask why is: “Why does the black disc look like it’s been heated up and all warped”…

    Maybe its cuz he bought two tickets to the gun show and the heat from “the guns” just warped the disc ;P

    its weird though…the black disc from that, know what first came to mind? Remember the old floppy disks from back in the day? When you cracked open the flexible plastic exterior there was that round paper thin black disc inside…that’s what it reminds me of. lol

  7. nah, i never get sick of the why’s, its something that wasn’t there before so obviously its a mod for a reason. even if that reason is “because i felt like it”. in actuality i commend the why question because its peoples instinct to reduce fear. “it’s normal to fear what we don’t understand” perhaps not every why needs to be answered but i’ll never bias someone that asks.

  8. the dvd thing under where it says dvd looks a little crooked, but the tattoo is pretty cool nonetheless.

  9. Who cares “why”? Tattoos are means of self-expression … does anybody even notice what a nice job the artist did shading?! Steady lines, placement was perfect, good job all the way around! It looks all healed up!

  10. How can you hate someone based on the fact they pointed something out. Lol.
    Anyways, i’d totally go for a Blu-Ray tattoo over a DVD tattoo anyday. ;P

  11. This was done at the shop around the corner from my mothers house, the one that I never understood the placement of in suburban Baltimore County. The one that I’ve never actually seen anyone patronize! I cannot believe they actually gave him this tattoo there, I thought it was an illusion.

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