While my waterfall gently weeps.

Jemma sent in these drop dead gorgeous photos (by infamous alternative photographer, Paul Callaby) of her equally gorgeous Japanese back piece and sleeves..

By Owen, The Tattoo Lounge, Mar Vista, California.

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37 thoughts on “While my waterfall gently weeps.

  1. too much or not enough flash, a couple are a bit yellowish and a couple are a bit soft. perhaps its the jpgs. the top one has good composition and really captures her essance though. incredible ink, she is very pretty.

  2. omg. I dont know what is hotter, ther tat? the girl? or the guitar?
    I think Im in love with each….seriously though…that guitar is quite sexy

  3. I like the fact that the pictures are sexy but not gratuitous. Very very very nice. Very Beautiful.

  4. some of these were in some magazine a few months back, it had a nice interview with her – i think she got the whole backpiece coloured in 2 weeks, working totally flat out the whole time on it. fuckin gorgeous.

  5. …but what will she look like when she’s 80?….

    a fuckin fine-ass old lady, thats what. rock on. beautiful

  6. WOW!!! Absolutely stunning, both the girl and the tattoos.

    The dedication it takes to get coverage like that blows my mind, especially at such a young age.


  7. A very beautiful and arousing girl, I would love to fuck a chick as heavily tattooed as her. My wife is working on a full body tattoo – just her legs, chest piece, and “tramp stamp” have been completed so far. I can’t wait until she has as much ink as this girl.

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