Awwwww, YEAH!

ModBlog, meet Shawn (who solemnly swears that he is up to no good)..

Click through for a slightly larger version.

Photo by Matt Lingo.

45 thoughts on “Awwwww, YEAH!

  1. If we’re going to have so many of these editorial-less pictures, maybe it’s time to spin off a second blog for modded pin-up boys and girls? I’m not being facetious – I know a lot of people enjoy these posts immensely but I don’t really feel they have much place on modblog. I’m sorry Roo, I know you’re already copping your share of back seat driving crap over this anyway, but couldn’t a new section be created on the news site to separate out the “fluff”?

  2. to #2..I think this picture completely belongs on modblog(and i have been one of the complainers on here) this picture is just amazing!

  3. Ya, he definitely needs a hamburger because everyone has to be a meat eater. He definitely needs to gain a few pounds too because not only do we bitch about fat people but now we have to bitch about skinny people too. Can’t you just say his tattoos and this picture are fucking awesome and leave it at that? It belongs here, he has mods it’s a good picture. Get over yourself and quit starting drama.

  4. What is that picture on his chest and stomach of anyway?

    Do those arms and legs belong to the green face or is it just sticking out of the tree? I can’t make it out at all.

  5. 7: If I’m not mistaken, the tattoo on his chest in stomache is of a boy infront of a tree. It looks as though the tattoo was done by Gunnar.

    I love the hand tattoos “Home Sick”. Know the feeling all too well :(

  6. I have this body type a burger would not help he just has a very high motabalism, and i’ve been waiting to see a follow up to this work i saw the outline a year back on bmezine

  7. Skinny people happen. Like ME =)

    …and is that a zombie child/doll on his stomach? I’d like to see a close-up of that.

  8. Roo: exactly, BME’s blogging is expanding and I think this represents an appropriate fork in the road. Why not start a BME People section? I’m not saying this content is of no value, in fact I really like this picture – perhaps I picked the wrong article to discuss this in. But suffering through 6-8 internet disease images a day with no corresponding background story in order to read the handful of worthwhile posts is growing pretty tiresome. There is no shortage of these pics or folks wanting to admire them, so why not add a new section to the ever expanding news.bmezine?

  9. I had to read the comments because I wanted to see people suggest food, haha.
    Sick art, and a body that I’d take pride in.
    I have similiar and it’s the way I choose to look…

  10. i actually spent some time with shawn last week in san diego, and he doesnt seem overly skinny at all in person. hes just really tall.

    and i dont think he would eat a burger anyways. hes a vegetarian.

  11. Eating habits do not fucking matter when you have a high metabolism. You’re all just mad because you’re a bunch of fatties.

  12. Shawn is a good friend of mine and i can honestly say that this guy eats more fatty and unhealthy foods then alot of people i know. this dude lives for soda and candy.

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