A Lad and his Snake.

Stigmata and Vigo..

Click through for a larger view of these photos (by Nolan Rudi), and be grateful I decided against calling this post Snakes and Lads.

35 thoughts on “A Lad and his Snake.

  1. Aww…what a cute snake…I think I’m in love.

    I really want to poke at that man’s forehead

  2. whenever I meet a new man I ALWAYS compare him to stigmata and because of that. I’m going to be single forever, he’s perfect.

  3. User not found? I’m not a member, but it usually comes up with a ‘this person doesn’t want unsubscribed people…’ thing.

  4. He’s in the discovory channel commercial! I always wondered who that was, his tattoos are awesome!!

  5. im confused… in the picture on the right, his forehead tattoo extends further down onto his left side. but in the side-on picture, we are looking at his right side, and the tattoo has the longer pieces showing. PHOTOSHOP (lol)

  6. i wonder if his tongue is split?
    if so it’d make a nice photo of him sticking it out at the snake…
    anyhoo it is a nice post, lovely looking man with a lovely looking snake :D

  7. his forehead implant is very interesting, but i like it. im not sure if its the tattoos but his face looks very long.

    on a side note, im going to pick up my new snake today!

  8. Yay Stigmata! we have IMed eachother a few times over the years and its been really cool seeing different pics showing how his mods have progressed. He had really big ass horns before a few years ago. They were fourth generation horns I think and they looked RAD. But his new forehead implant is just as awsome. Well done Stigmata! Your body art kicks ass and suits you well.

  9. I love the facial tattos and the implant on his forhead looks amazing with the shadowing in the picture. The snake is gorgeous too, altho snakes are not my cup of tea as a pet of my own I like to admire God’s handy work, which also includes yummy lookin Stigmata ;0)

  10. Oooh, tribal, how freakin’ original. “Hey, let’s get the ugliest, most played out tattoo style we can think of and cover my already hideous face with it. Deal?”

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